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10 Black Owned Skincare Companies

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We live in stressful times and that can be a bad thing, for your skin. Skincare is everything and with the extra time you have, it’s time to invest in your daily routine to ensure your skin is glowing. Check out these 10 Black owned skincare companies.

Glow Skin Enhancement specializes in skin enhancement for women, men, and teenagers who are struggling with skin issues such as acne, eczema, sun damage, premature aging, hyper-pigmentation (dark patches on skin), and dark circles around eyes. Glow Skin features the most innovative concepts of Rapid Exfoliation and Protein Infusion Creams to reverse the signs of aging, while dramatically slowing the destruction of good skin cells. Glow Skin Enhancement products are 100% natural and organic, click here to shop.

Shea Butter Like Whoa believes in effective, gentle, natural skincare that is 100% non-toxic. They source plant-derived ingredients of the highest quality, from fair trade shea to organic cold-pressed oils. While the U.S. minimally regulates the cosmetic industry, Shea Butter Like Whoa follows the European Union’s lead, banning over 1,400 harmful and toxic ingredients from their formulations. Check out their butters, oils, scrubs and soaps by clicking here.

Didara is a Brooklyn-based niche luxury brand rewriting the rules of luxury home and body products since 2017. Crafted with simple and unique ingredients with a luxurious twist, Didara delivers premium skincare products. Didara offers facial mists, shea oil, exfoliating body polishes, liquid black soaps and much more. Click here for luxury.

Donata isn’t just skincare, it’s “skinfood.” What goes on your skin goes into your body and on a daily basis, we use products full of harmful, artificial ingredients: the body gets impacted, not just the skin. Donata’s products are made to not only nourish your skin but also to transform your mind. The essential oils used in each product are carefully selected to either rejuvenate the mind or give you complete relaxation. Nourish your skin and mind with natural, vegan ingredients. Click here to shop.

Earth Kissed Beauty understands that the skin is the largest organ on the human body and it absorbs what is placed on it. The average adult uses 9 different personal care products each day, exposing themselves to 126 unique chemicals: many are linked to adverse health effects. That’s why Earth Kissed Beauty handcrafts their skincare products with no chemicals, synthetic fragrance or preservatives–just natural and organic botanicals. Their full ingredient list is provided on each product, including the essential oils they use as fragrance. Click here to shop.

CROWN’D products aim to enhance the natural beauty that the body creates on its own. Their products aim to serve as a natural medicine to soothe and eliminate different types of skin and hair conditions using natural oils, herbs and other natural elements that have proven to aid certain ailments. All products are handcrafted and natural with no added chemicals. Click here to shop.

Olive Branch Wellness Boutique is a green beauty marketplace with a focus on vegan, organic and all natural skincare, haircare and body care products: if it’s not clean, they won’t carry it. The company takes great pride in ensuring that everything they house is made of all natural ingredients. Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. SLS Free. Pure skin loving goodness under one roof just for you! Click here to shop.

Really Clean Skincare is just that: all natural products and essential wellness ingredients. The company offers high quality, natural facial cleansers, toners and acne care. Really Clean also offers a Glow Up Facial Serum, to dramatically re-hydrate and revitalize dry skin. In addition, the company offers a Tumeric Collection, to take your skincare routine to the next level. If you’d like to get “Really Clean,” click here.

Queen Naturals By Dee started with shea butter and grew into a full line of natural hair and skin care products. Each product is created out of a passion and purpose to make products for Queens like you. They offer serums, masks and plenty of glow for your face, along with butters, scrubs and oils for the body. Queen Naturals offers bath products a well as butters and oils, even for your hair. Click here to shop.

Josephine’s Creme is plant-based skincare made in a kitchen, not in a lab. The company offers a one-of-a-kind skin cream. This blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, Vitamin E and other essential oils can be used as a daily moisturizer. Josephine’s Creme also offers a whipped body butter, to leave skin bountifully moist. This company’s secrets go all the way back to grandma Josephine, click here to shop.

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