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10 BLACK Take Aways From The 2018 Grammys

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Auto tune couldn’t save all the off beat, off rhythm, mayonnaise, displays of mediocrity at last nights Grammys. One thing from last night that was made incredibly clear is the fact that talent doesn’t remotely matter in the music or entertainment industry. These 10 take aways from the 2018 Grammys are the realizations I made after forcing myself to watch 3+hours of pure musical mundaneness. * Lady Gaga was off key * Jay Z was snubbed continuously * Sza lost to an artist that wasn’t in the right category * Cardi B can’t dance * Sam Smith albeit talented is an R&B culture vulture * Bruno Mars is bae (don’t tell my hubby) * Blue Ivy is why Black folks don’t take their children out the house * Elton John’s blazer and side swoop are pure FIRE ???? * Backup dancers clearly rehearsed more than the artist * Kendrick Lamar deserves an intermission after his performances to dissect all the hidden gems he drops Ok, maybe I’m too hard on the Grammys. I mean it’s not the BET Awards, but come on. From the host, whoever he is, to the ridiculous amount of White expression performers, I found the award show to be considerably underwhelming. The one sprinkle of “Black Girl Magic” in Janelle Monae’s  speech still turned into an all lives matter rally in which nothing was said to the specific plight of African American women. But hey, enough about me. What did you think of the Grammy’s?  ]]>

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