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The 2018 Black Tech Week Conference Set To Land in Miami, FL

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The Black Tech Week conference connects business minds, creatives and techies in order to collaborate, propel and inspire Black entrepreneurs and minority businesses.  As minorities, we absolutely need more access to tech events like this so we can grow and prosper as the ‘Googles’ and ‘Amazons’ of the world continue to do.  Black Tech Week also bridges a gap by bringing start up tech companies other established professionals together.  It is extremely important for young Black engineers to see established and successful Black engineers in an environment such as this. A major focus point of the conference is emphasizing coding among kids since many young Blacks aren’t exposed to any coding until they get into college which automatically puts them a step behind. Thus, Black Tech Week is powered by Code Fever which support teaching kids to code for free. The Black Tech Week conference is also where I met Dr.  Thomas Mensah, one of the inventors of fiber optics.  I had no idea that an African-American was involved in the invention of fiber optics. This type of information is essential and I have since been able to use Dr. Mensah as one of my mentors.  How often do you get the chance to connect with someone as successful as Dr. Mensah and then he says, “here’s my number and give me a call whenever?”  And he actually meant it.  Today he is focused on inventing nanotechnology and I look forward to his new developments. If you’re and aspiring or active Black techie, you can meet your mentor by attending The 2018 Black Tech Week conference this year. For more information on Black Tech Week visit blacktechweek.com    ]]>

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