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23-Year-Old Marketing Pro Creates Ultimate Tool For Social Media Bios

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You only have a few moments to communicate to potential customers online — no one is going to scroll endlessly through the websites on your bio link. Linktree can’t adequately get across everything you are and all that you do. Now there is a dynamic solution that allows you to showcase your brand in dynamic ways in seconds and its called Super Social. Super Social is a digital table of contents which allows you to “put more hustle in your bio link.” This is an essential tool that every entrepreneur must have to convert online.

Super Social allows entrepreneurs to create an attractive micro webpage that includes the most important details of your brand with an easy to use, fully customizable, D.I.Y generator. Super Social enables you to add affiliate links, event or store locations, pictures, embedded media, icons, product offerings, PDFs, maps and more to a customizable webpage. It makes the most of the 3 to 5 seconds you have to capture someone’s attention online, allowing you to connect up to 18 platforms with just a single link. Super Social offers the simplicity of Linktree with the customization of Wix.

Brianna Bradford is the CEO and Founder of Super Social. Bradford is only 23 but as a marketing professional saw a glaring need and stepped up. She noticed that although social media bios were the natural starting point for potential customers, they also tended to be the endpoint. Simply put, bios needed to do more. To that end she created Super Social, a tool that maximizes social media bios in a fresh, dynamic way. Super Social is the future and every entrepreneur should get in, now.

Is Super Social for you? If you use more than one platform on the internet, yes. If you sell products on the internet, yes. If you routinely direct people to content on the internet, yes. If you share video and audio content on the internet, yes. Step up your social media game with Super Social today.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
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