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3 Black Owned Spirits to Bring Cheers the New Year

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1. Fou-dre Vodka

Location: DMV + Asia

FOU-DRÉ Vodka is a premium, infused vodka made with lime, pomegranate, ginger and kiwi. The award winning, five-times distilled vodka is made through a unique patented distilling process using TerrePure technology in Charleston, South Carolina. FOU-DRÉ which is globally distributed, comes in one of the sexiest bottles from which you will ever drink vodka.  Resembling a lighting bolt and rich violet in color, this product will definitely make a splash on your home bar or as a gift,  Chanel Turner, Owner and Founder of Fou-Dre Vodka is also the Founder of the Black Owned Wine and Spirits Festival.  FOU-DRÉ retails at approximately $44 a bottle.  Fou-dre.com

2. Cremas Absalon

Location: NY

Cremas, a traditional Haitian libation, is sweet, creamy and similar to Bailey’s in texture and is made with crème of coconut and spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.  Cremas Absalon has made the traditional Haitian drink more readily available to us who are unfamiliar with this delicious part of Haitian culture or just don’t have to time to peel and pound coconuts.  Founder Charlene Absalon proudly displays her Haitian root in the packaging, labeling the products in Haitian Creole.  While it is only 15% Alcohol it more than makes up for lack of booze in sweet, rich taste. Flavors include Original. Kafe (coffee),  Zanmann Chakola (almond and Chocolate), Kannel (cinnamon) and noisette (hazelnut).

3. Still Moon Moonshine

Location: Texas and Indiana

Down South Beverage Company has mastered America’s oldst spirit and added a flair of sophistication and loads of flavor to what they call “Backwoods Moonshine.  Aside from the Special Reserve, original moonshine, enjoy Still Moon in four additional flavors; Peach Cobbler, Apple Pie, Strawberry and Lemon Drop.


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