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3 Black Owned Wine Companies You Need to Know

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Although only 5% of wineries in the United States are Black Owned, they are steadily growing. And with millennials learning more about wines and building their own wine collections, now more than ever is the perfect time to support them. So how can you get your hands on these brands? Well, you certainly won’t find them in ABC or Total Wine. Why you ask? Well, it keeps the shipping costs down. Also, the problem with shipping is that legally you are only allowed to ship to wine to 14 states. But here’s the silver lining.  This gives you the perfect excuse to create a trip around visiting these Black family wineries. With wine names ranging from Melanin to O.P.P., you will definitely have the conversation piece of the evening. Here are my 3 favorites…  

#3: Maison Noir Wines

Location:  Oregon

Founded by sommelier Andre Heuston Mack in 2007, Maison Noir is a T-Shirt and garage wine venture.  Mack wanted to create wines for the NY restaurants he sommelier-ed for but also something for US! Andre began his career in Citibank investment group but soon left his “desk” job and followed his passion for wine. Andre went on to work in the famous French Laundry Restaurant with Thomas Keller as his Sommelier. Maison Noir carries all varieties of wines from Reisling and soon Rose Pinor Noir.  The price point ranges from $17.99 to $24.99.  

#2:  Love Cork Screw

Location: Illinois

LoveCorkScrew is also a lifestyle brand. Chrishon Lampley, the founder, now has the wine collection in over 50 stores across the United States and her signature candle line in Target and on AMAZON.COM. With the 5 wine collection, they have recently been featured on The Job Interview, Essence, Ebony and more. Chrishon wanted to change the approach to wine and she has done that with various catchy names to really spark up memories.  The price point ranges from $14.99 to $15.99.

#1 Charles Wine Company

Location: California

The Charles Wine Company is family-owned and managed with a portfolio of premium wines representing the rich diversity of the Western States: California (Northern, Central and Southern), Washington and Oregon appellations. Once I learned that they produce a wine named Melanin, I was sold.  Starting off in their backyard, they created their first bottle of wine. With both of their vineyards having over 60 acres of land, they are producing award winning wines every year. The price point ranges from $16.00 to $21.00 Happy Sipping!!!    ]]>

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