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Here Are 3 Reasons Why Black people Need to Drink Water!

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How much water do you drink every day? Guys, water is the cheapest and best drink ever! You surely do not want to sleep on it! Our body is  around 60% of water and water mainly helps our body to function. Here are three main reasons why your melanated body needs drinking water!

  • Water keeps you alive: First, by drinking water, you help to maintain your body fluids. Being low on fluids affects the body’s mechanism.  It is recommended to have at least 2 liters of water a day. Secondly, water helps to keep your energy. Remember that anytime you are exercising, it is advised to drink water. You never want to be dehydrated while exercising. Have some Adam’s ale before your physical activity. Next, water helps your kidneys. The kidneys are one the most important organs; they transport the waste in and out of the body and excreted the urine. Kidneys clean our body. As it is said in French, “l’eau est source de vie.” Fruits, vegetables, oatmeals are fruits full of water.
  • Water helps your skin: You want to add a glow to your melanin, drink water; it will clear your skin. Water will plump up your skin, prevent blemishes, irritations and reduce wrinkles. It decreases the oil in your skin. H2O keeps your skin looking younger. But, keep in mind that drinking water shouldn’t keep you from moisturizing it.
  • Water will keep advil and tylenol away : Migraines, headaches and some pains occured because of dehydration. Drinking enough water will relieve theses aches and prevent them.
Here is how you can drink more water 
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you
  • Have some water whenever you eat
  • Prioritize plain water over soda and juices
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, matter of fact eat more of them
  • Guess what! To make your water fun to drink, add flavor to it by adding fruits! Catch us here next time for somer homemade infused water recipe.

                                           H2O is life, stay hydrated!


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