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3 Reasons Why You May Still Be Single

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  In the most recent census poll taken in 2017, there is an overwhelming amount of people living single. In fact, over 50% of African Americans are single. It seems to be a result of a few different causes, and something that is across the racial lines affecting us out there. First, if I may say, Living single is amazingly great, so there is no judging here.  Now it can definitely be harder on the finances, but here are some reasons that may be hurting your chances at successfully dating.

Why it maybe difficult to find a partner.

Careers. Sometimes focusing on our purpose is in this life can draw us into spending more time on those tasks than on family and relationships. It is definitely a chore to do both, but when we reach the stage in our lives when we become consumed by opening that business, or making it to the top of the ladder; it can be difficult to game plan being with another person. Another idea is that we are overworked. How many of us are single with two or three or more hustles and not enough time to entertain a significant other? A Happier you. Some people are just happier by themselves. They like the ease of meeting new people, and/or hanging out with friends. Also, many people shy away from the obligation and commitment of dealing with another person. Society has now placed  a greater emphasis on finding our ‘Soul Mate’ which is not a bad thing because it shows that people are taking marriage seriously. However, it puts even more pressure on finding the right mate. Social Media. As much as you don’t want to admit it, This does affect us meeting each other. The more we stick to our phones, the less time we have to spend quality time with others. Studies show that when singles are out ‘mingling’ they simply do not approach those who have their nose in a phone. So if you’re looking to meet someone, put your phone down!

So how do I solve this issue?

Bottom line. If there is something you want, you need to go out and get it. If your career is stopping you from finding love, you need to find a happy medium. Online dating is on the rise, but be forewarned, you will have to pay a price to find someone quickly, or you will be weeding through others who are on there casually.  According to datingadvice.com, the top dating apps for Blacks include Zoosk, Soul Swipe and Elite Singles. Next, try just getting yourself out and about. In the MeetUp app, you can find meet-ups for singles. Or create your own if your that savvy. Facebook is honestly a good search tool for upcoming events near you. You may be able to search a speed dating event or another event meant for singles. Lastly, Be your happy single self and and don’t put too much pressure on the situation. Everyone can smell your lack of confidence. When you are yourself, things are fine. Also no one is perfect. I understand that you have standards, but make sure that they are attainable. Take some time, while you are single, to figure out what is important for you in your future partner, and leave the rest. Now, stop reading and go mingle! It’s happy hour somewhere….]]>

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