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4 Things You Should Do Before You Start Your Next Renovation

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New year, new decade, and new home design projects. Before you do any renovation or redesign to your home, you must first create a plan. Clients that I’ve worked with in the past usually jump into their renovation without creating a budget or any type of design direction. Usually, most people hire a general contractor, share with them their vision and execute, with no solid direction, except from the contractor. That contractor may not have style or be up on the latest design trends — they just want to get the job done. Too often, I find my clients get the project completed but it still feels like they’re missing something. Far too often, they come across another design look, then want to change their entire design after spending thousands on the renovation, having not doing proper research. They totally cut out the professional part of being advised under a designer, and simply go forth with hiring the contractor.

Below, I give you a list of a few things to check off when preparing for a renovation or major redesign in your home.

Tip #1: The Importance of Research

Before scouring social media and other home decor platforms for inspiration, really determine your needs and the needs of the people that live in your home. Determine what you like in terms of your design style, the overall aesthetic you want for your home, your likes and dislikes. Once you have that list together, you can then scour the internet for inspiration. The goal is to not create an exact replica of a photo you’ve seen online but get inspiration, while still being true to your style and your needs.

Tip #2: Create A Realistic Budget

Let’s face it, you cannot renovate a kitchen with just $10k. You have to look at where you are right now, where you want to be, and set a budget for that space. This is where you you’ll need to go into the stores or look online for the vendors you wish to go with, and start tracking prices for every element. Determine how much you want to spend and what you don’t want to spend. I always recommend that clients splurge a bit on a good countertop in the kitchen. You want a countertop that will withstand heat, be resistant to staining, and something that you will love since it’s one of the first things you’ll notice in a kitchen.

Tip #3: Seek A Professional If Needed

Sometimes you may need to bring in a reputable interior designer or decorator that can help you translate your vision. Not all designers require you to hire them for the full project. This is an added expense to your budget but I would consider it an asset. It can help you save time, money, and you’ll be able to have the eyes of a professional to oversee your picks and help you solidify the design. Not only will this help you stay on track but it can help you from making design mistakes that can be costly.

Tip #4: Visualize and Experience the Space Before Execution

Trust me, you’ll need renderings. Renderings are an integral part of any design project because they allow you to see exactly how the space will look before you start execution. Not only will this help you visualize the space, but it can cut down on any uncertainty, save money by not spending it on finishes that will not work in your space, and you get to experience your newly renovated home before renovations. That will allow you to make any changes prior to execution. I have private clients that don’t have an interior designer, but they know what they want and just need to see it together. This is both beneficial to you and your contractor because it easily and clearly communicates the vision without any guesswork.

It’s so important to plan before starting your interior project. You need a team that has your best interest at heart, can take you from start to finish, and actually see and visualize your space before the actual work is done. This cuts back on a lot of unnecessary spending and time.

If you’re planning a renovation or redesign in your home and need help, my company, Richie Madison Interiors, offers interior architectural visualization and rendering services for both residential and commercial projects, large or small. We Buy Black has a lot of amazing home decor vendors to choose from when decorating your home or office space.

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