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4 Ways Black Businesses Can Leverage Facebook

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HAVE VALUABLE CONVERSATIONS All the quotes, pictures with great adages aren’t going to cut it anymore.  You must engage your audience. I am not talking about asking your audience what their favorite color is. No. You have to be able to get your audience to start having conversations within the posts. AND YOU HAVE TO RESPOND BACK. They want to see more communication. An account that does this very well is MunaLuchi.  They ask their target audience open-ended questions and get over 4,000 responses. This will keep them at the top of the newsfeed.


  People don’t want to read your quirky quotes anymore. And they aren’t interested in what happened to you at the club last night. They want to learn and they want to be engaged. For instance, if you sell candles then let your consumers know why your candles are so important. If you have a great toothpaste line, do a live demonstration and explain to them the importance of it. Make sure that you are answering questions that people are asking in the comments section below your video. This will also help you go get seen more. If you can do this once a week it will dramatically change your viewership.


The entire world, consumers included are visual. This is your chance to make your mark. If you go live on Facebook, go live on Instagram at the same time. Utilize your instastories to get people in the habit of seeing you. If you haven’t noticed, instastories are posting to the middle of the feed. This means that your followers or suggested followers have more of an opportunity to see you. Also. add videos and utilize applications such as Adobe Spark that can help you create beautiful visually branded photos for your company.


‘Facebook Ads’ through target marketing will help you elevate your business.  Because Facebook is structurally changing to an environment where they want people to communicate, a lot of business ads that you see, that aren’t paid for, will soon disappear from the newsfeed. Yes, you can tag all of your friends in your post but are they your actual target market?  Facebook Ads will not only help you reach your target market but will get you in the right newsfeeds. Facebook ads will also be seen in the instagram newsfeed as well.  ]]>

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