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5 Black Bookstores for Atlanta Date-nights

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Real dates are the staple of many relationships and marriages. One day, I was about an hour into a book signing at a bookstore when I noticed, couple after couple, young and old, shopping together. It was a beautiful sight to see. In both the “getting to know you” phase and the “we’ve been together forever” phase, couples should ask one another, “What have you read lately?”, “What are you currently reading?”, and “What do you want to read?” Black bookstores thrive on Black patronage. Consider supporting your own by making a “date night” or a “day date” out of these metro Atlanta-ish bookstores. Here are my top five: Medu Bookstore (Greenbriar Mall)- Medu is full of all types of African Centered fiction, non-fiction, self-help, spirituality titles, you name it! In addition to books, Medu has conscious dvds, T-shirt’s, cards, and Calendars. Medu Bookstore is an East Point staple. Shrine of the Black Madonna (west end)- People know the Shrine of the Black Madonna mainly as an event center. The Shrine (as it is so affectionately called by Atlanta natives) has hosted many noteable speakers and conferences. However, many people are unaware of the running bookstore upstairs, which contains not only a store but an African gallery and museum next door! The Shrine of the Black Madonna is perfect for a date. Nubian Bookstore (southlake/morrow)- Nubian Bookstore is well worth the drive it takes to get there. As one of the largest Black-owned bookstores in Atlanta, Nubian has a wide variety of every book imaginable. About a quarter percent of the store also has official Divine 9 paraphernalia, from shirts, to cups, to bags and jewelry. Nubian Bookstore is perfect for a date, by containing such a wide variety of books and more. Black dot Cultural Center (Lithonia) – Downtown Lithonia has turned into a little “Black Wall Street”. Both sides of main street are occupied by Black owned businesses, and in the middle of them all is Black Dot Cultural Center. What started off as a bookstore has now expanded into a coffee shop/ event hall/ Cultural Center. Choosing Black Dot for a date is beyond perfect, especially because GreenLove Kitchen (vegan) is right next door. You can grab a book and get a bite to eat. The Listening Tree (Decatur)- Dates are not generally centered around children, however children are adorably unavoidable. Either you have children, know someone who does, or want them yourself. Well no matter where you are on the child spectrum, The Listening Tree offers over 100+ titles of Black authored children’s books for you to discuss , review and purchase on a date. Personally, I love dates to the bookstore. I think many other Black women would too, especially if you buy her something.]]>

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