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5 Black Homeschooling Influencers to Follow in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on public school education have caused many parents to investigate whether homeschooling is an option for their family. Over the past year, more Black parents and educators have come together to give parents access to homeschooling tips and study guides. Below is a list of some popular influencers using their platforms to help Black families through the homeschooling process.

My Busy Bees and Me


Erica is an educator, wife, and mother. Her social media platforms provide information about Black children’s books and tips for other homeschooling families. She offers consultation services as well as a link to her online Amazon store.


Ashley is an award winning blogger, mother, and influencer. Her blog features healthy recipes, DIYs, and unschooling guides for families. Her tips feature effective learning styles, Black children’s books, and engaging activities in the Atlanta area.

Torrie Oglesby

Torrie Oglesby is a mother of three who runs a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers. Her content helps families create their homeschooling plan. She also creates videos breaking down school subjects for parents.

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith is the founder of the Homeschool Freedom Tribe. She provides Live Coaching and homeschooling research to all members. She also has a YouTube channel where she gives tips on homeschooling while running a business.

Two Lights Academy

Shanell’s page features activities, creative books, and fun activities for homeschooled children. Many of the books she promotes on her Instagram are Black-owned and serve to teach the youth about the many positive aspects of Black culture.

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