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If You're Truly 'Resolved' & Ready, Here Are 5 New Year Suggestions for You!

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Happy New Year, Black, business, business, 2018, new year resolution

Eat Healthy & Exercise

Every New Year, most of us make — and break — the same resolution: lose weight. One of the leading causes of death among the Black community is heart disease. I lost my great-cousin, Michael “Shagg” Washington recently to heart disease. But In 2018, don’t worry about the number on the scale; simply eat healthier and exercise. Black, health, exercise, wellness, New Year, resolution, 2018

Kick That Bad Habit

Elijah Muhammad taught the Black community to purge itself of all vices. Of course, Muhammad spoke of liquor, tobacco, and many other things but any vice symbolizes dependency and weakness. Now, a vice is not to be confused with a guilty pleasure; I’ll still have the occasional (daily) sip of coffee. Let’s kick that habit in 2018. Black, New Year, resolution, bad habits, Elijah Muhammed, 2018


It is of the utmost magnitude that we educate ourselves in 2018. Read works that challenge your views. If you believe in something, read the opposing views so that you can attack the skeptics from various sides. Stay well-read on political issues. If Malcolm X could read and rewrite the dictionary, then surely we can read about Trump. Black, New Year, New Year resolution, family, 2018

Support Your Community

In 2018, Black folk must circulate our dollars within our community. With We Buy Black’s mission to take the circulation rate of the Black dollar from six hours to six months — thus placing the Black community on an echelon equal to those of other cultures —supporting Black businesses is crucial in this Buy Black Movement. Black, New Year, entrepreneur, business, resolution, 2018

Do For Self

To put it mildly, 2017 was a trying year. The year of political misfortune, atrocious human behavior, and financial woes. We cannot change politics nor the wrong-doings of others right away but we can work toward that. In 2018, you are charged with the mission to become an entrepreneur so that you can affect the change you want to see. Black, New Year, New Year resolution, 2018, business, entrepreneur, entrepreneurs Money talks and—well, I’m sure you know the rest. With financial independence, you can lobby for certain change within politics, you can be your own boss and provide new job opportunities for others in your community, and most importantly, you can raise a new generation of business owners instead of employees. #stayblack2018]]>

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