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5 STEM Children’s Books on Webuyblack.com

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1.  The Meteorologist In Me Have you ever had a dream you thought was too big to share-boldly? Well, this book is for you! The Meteorologist In Me is an inspirational tale about a little girl named Summer with a big dream- to become a TV Meteorologist. She loves sharing weather facts with her family and friends and wonders why everyone laughs at the thought of her on T.V. Join Summer’s journey as she overcomes her fears, conquers her doubts and gains the courage to reach for her dreams. The Meteorologist In Me encourages us to remember, we can do anything we put our minds to – no matter what!   2. The Addition Elevator. Follow the adventure of Anthony and his three cousins, as he shares a story of using Addition on their vacation. The Addition Elevator includes problem solving, mathematical terms, multiple thinking strategies, and much more! This book is perfect for beginner mathematicians and includes activities and strategies to extend learning using the text!   3. Allergy Season. Dr. Pooch Publishing is dedicated to providing holistic health-oriented books/learning materials and products for all ages. Our mission is to make healthy living fun, easy, entertaining and a part of every child’s life. By educating in fun ways, our goal is to impact demographics most afflicted by chronic illness and increase the health-literacy rate amongst children and adults. Dr. Pooch Publishing aims to be a support for the general market, educators and schools. The Get Well Johnny 12 part Children’s Health-Oriented Book Series is the perfect gift for any child interested or not interested in a holistic healthy lifestyle.   4. Noa the Little Scientist. Noa is your average elementary school kid. She likes school, she likes to learn and she loves to eat spaghetti! Noa’s teacher Mrs. Campbell introduces her to science. Then her whole world opens up. She becomes enthralled with science and how things work. Join her on her journey of discovery.   5.  Atoms. Little Learners “Atoms” is a Science learning series for children. The Little Learners Atoms teaches children about atoms through two brown mice. This book is 6 x 9 inches, full color 35 page book. Start your child’s STEM library with these great titles!]]>

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