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5 T-Shirt Gift Options For The Conscious Black Man

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Do Your Tees Convey Your Consciousness If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a conscious Black man. But do others know that you’re conscious? Can the world tell that you’re ‘woke’ by the tees you wear? Buy either article of clothing below, and the world will have no doubt about your consciousness and knowledge of self.

Black, dashiki, Black man, Black woman

5. The Dashiki

The Dashiki is a staple of Black clothing. It signifies that you know your African roots and history, and will debate for hours just to prove the race baiters wrong when they tell you your history is a lie. The Dashiki can only be listed at number five because, like everything else, it’s been appropriated and made readily available for all to wear.

Huey P. Newton, shirt, Africa, Spear, chair, gun, guns

4. The ‘Huey P. Newton’ Tees

This shirt dons the shape of the African continent against white cotton. Within the shape of the Motherland and colored in red, yellow, and green, is the iconic picture of Newton sitting in an African chair hold a spear in one hand and a rifle in the other. This shirt’s message is loud and clear: I am ready to fight and die for my freedom and the freedom of my people.

Angela Davis, Raise Your Voice, Freedom, shirt, T-shirts

3. The ‘Angela Davis’ Tees

You can find this must-have T-shirt on We Buy Black in a variety of colors. This shirt sends two messages. Directly under Angela Davis’ name reads, “Raise Your Voice.” This tells people that you know what’s up and refuse to be silenced. The second message is that you support Black women and will lift her up as she holds you down. Black love at its finest.

Black men, Black women, Us, Hate, Imitate

2. The ‘At First They Hate Us’ Tees

I had the hardest time making this shirt the number two choice. If there could be two number one shirts, this would definitely be one of them. Against a black background and written in yellow letters is the word ‘US’. Encircling ‘US’ are the words “At First They Hate…Then They Imitate…” This speaks to the cultural appropriation that seems to be on an endless cycle.

Black man, Black woman, Mental Slavery, T-shirts, conscious tees

1. The ‘Straight Outta Mental Slavery’ Tees

The number one T-shirt on We Buy Black is the ‘Straight Outta Mental Slavery’ Tee. Do you remember how everyone was using the Straight Outta Compton logo to photoshop their hometown over Compton? Instead of replacing Compton with another city, this shirt says Mental Slavery. The man who wears this shirt holds himself and his community to a higher standard of intellectualism, which is why this T-shirt is the number one shirt on We Buy Black.

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