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6 Black Owned Companies Selling Waist Trainers

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There’s no time like the present to get in your best shape. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. Waist trainers can be extremely helpful and these six Black owned companies have what you need.

Achieve natural weight loss with WeightDRIP, home Of The Ultimate Snatch Slimming Belt. This belt covers the entire midsection with just one zip and one strap. It’s comfortable enough to sleep in, yet effective enough to melt off inches within the first three days of consistent use. The rubber on the inside ensures that you get a full detox. To avoid trapping in sweat, the belt is lined with neoprene rubber to heat up the body with little to no activity when paired with WeightDRIP’s Slimming Cream. Click here to shop.

JSM Fitness offers SnatchedByJSM, a “Perfect Premium waist band Perfect Premium made shape wear to tighten, tone and sculpt your waistline.” It provides a nonslip surface to repel moisture, provides great back support and helps improve posture. SnatchedByJSM can help reduce water weight, take off inches naturally around your waistline, rid belly fat and front pudge area combined with clean eating and exercise. Click here to shop.

A natural Confidence Booster!

Hella Snatched is an Oakland/Bay Area brand dedicated to snatching waistlines everywhere. The company values body positivity while promoting self-love and dedication to self-care through health and fitness. Hella Snatched offers the Hella Snatched Dynamic Fitness Waist Trainer and the Hooked Dynamic Fitness Waist Trainer and a Waist Trimmer. The waist trainers are made with versatility in mind, helping you increase abdominal sweat while working out. Click here to shop.

Team LaShae Waist Snatcher Belts will assist you in your journey to a smaller, tighter waist. Whether you just want to get in shape or you’re trying to lose that pudge after having a baby, Team LaShae has a product for you. Click here to shop.

The Waist Experts offer waist products that will take inches off your waist, instantly. Their Double Sweatband Belt Vest is a limited edition, lux waist trainer with two belts to cinch in your upper and lower stomach. The vest helps to smooth out pesky back fat and rolls. It can be worn during high intensity workouts, cardio and abdominal exercises. It’s also great in rebuilding your core after giving birth. Click here to shop.

Waist Gang offers waist trainers for a slim and sexy waist. Waist Gang was founded by a young entrepreneur who, after her second child, began feeling insecure about her weight. Waist trainers were her lifeline and now she’s empowering other women, too. Click here to shop.

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D'Juan Hopewell
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