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6 Pro Tips to Staging Your Home: A Message from A Black Interior Decorator's Perspective

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Tip #1: Highlight the Highs.

Take time and really examine what makes your home special. It can be a wall niche you have where you can display your collectibles or a grandeur vase, a fireplace made of stone, a small nook space that’s perfect for reading and lounging that has an astonishing view of nature. Those would be major selling points for your home, and that’s something you want potential buyers to focus on.

Tip #2: Stick to Neutrals, but Add Small Pops of Interests.

I recommend my staging clients to stick to a neutral palette then incorporate small doses of color to add personality.

Tip #3: Death to Dark Spaces.

If a room is dark, add some mirrors. Mirrors have the ability to bounce light. When staging, I like to add mirrors and have them facing towards the window to create “art of nature”, and of course, bounce some light around. It opens the room up and makes a beautiful visual.

Tip #4: Make Upgrades.

Some homeowners that are preparing to sell don’t always want to hear this, but you will find it useful to make small upgrades throughout your home, as needed. Kitchens and bathrooms are the major selling points when it comes to purchasing a home because those can be the most expensive to upgrade. You also want to make other small cosmetic changes that will create flow.

Tip #5: Watch Competition and Who to Stage for.

Keep a close eye on your contenders. Remember, the goal is to sell and sell fast! Examine the vibe of the community. You should stage based on that. All communities attract a certain crowd. That crowd can be the new family, the growing family, the husband/wife that’s looking to downsize after the kids moved out, the bachelor, or the single professional ready for the next step in life. Stage for your buyer, not you.

Tips #6: Finishing Touches.

A fresh coat of paint can really open a space up. It makes it feel new again, and your new buyer deserves that. When your potential buyer walks into your home, add fresh flowers and soothing scents so they can envision themselves in it. Remember, aesthetics.

When it comes to staging, as I mentioned above, the goal is to sell and sell it fast. It is proven that when a home is staged, it sells faster and has the potential to sell for more. When you walk into a model home in a new construction community, the decor is what sells you, then you examine the layout. The layout stands out because of the way it was professionally staged. It creates a vision for you to see yourself and family in the home.

If you are in the process of selling your home, a real estate agent, or interested in design services for your own home, let’s schedule you for a complimentary Pre-Booking Call with me.  We will discuss all of your design needs and see how we can help you.
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