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8 Black Beard Care Companies

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Without access to a barber, guys have been forced to grow their beards a lot thicker and much longer, than usual. Beard care is more important now than ever and fortunately, there are several Black owned companies that can help you.

Xotics By Curtis Smith is a brand that uses high quality natural ingredients derived from the earth’s gifts to produce luxury health and beauty products. All products are mixed the old-fashioned way, by hand in small batches for greater quality control, ensuring the product you receive is always fresh. Curtis Smith is an industry leading barber and entrepreneur; Smith has served as personal groomer to mogul “Sean Diddy” Combs and Usher Raymond, for over 20 years. Click here to shop their beard products.

Neter Gold literally covers every inch of your body, including that glorious beard. Neter Gold’s beard care package includes a beard butter, mist and growth oil. The company donates 10 percent of its profits to nonprofits. Click here to shop.

Attraction77 bills itself as the number one source for 100% natural and organic beard products. The company is dedicated to providing customers the very best products, with an emphasis on quality, satisfaction and a great overall experience. Attraction77 offers beard balm, shampoo, oil and several bundles. Click here to shop.

G for Men is taking Black men’s skin and beard care to new heights, with skin and beard care specifically for men of color. G for Men has spent years developing formulas to find just the right PH Balance for the skin you’re in. G for Men offers a full line of products to maintain, enhance and clean your beard. Hydrate and care for your beard properly, with products made just for a man like you. Click here to shop.

Argan Afriquia is a US based entity (Alabama), with locations in The Kingdom of Morocco and the UAE (Dubai). Their product line is the result of years of research and a passion to promote the beauty of humankind in its natural state. Argan Afriquia provides natural, Argan Oil based natural cosmetics solutions to help enhance your cosmetic regimen and improve your overall wellness. All products are composed of pure, Moroccan Argan Oil, certified organic and sourced from Tiznit, Morocco, specially selected butters and essential oils. Click here to shop.

Beard Goonz was born out of the founder’s own beard journey and realization that the process of growing a beard is different than growing grow traditional head hair. Beard Goonz offers signature formulas, created through trial and error. Beard Goonz offers 8 different beard oils, beard balm, beard combs and sampler sets. Click here to shop.

Beards by Josie Bee is beard care made by a woman and licensed cosmetologist. When you know the science of hair, you have the power to transform ANY kind of hair: beards aren’t excluded. Beards by Josie Bee products are helping men with thinning and patchy beards. For those seeking a solution to dry, shedding or unruly beards, Beards by Josie is your answer. Every ingredient the company uses is handpicked to give you exactly what you need to take the best care of your “Man Crown.” Click here to shop.

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Beard Guard was birthed from the idea that, “there should be a bonnet for beards.” There are many protective options on the market for the hair on your head but nothing for your beard: thus the creation of the Beard Guard (The Original Beard Bonnet). Beard Guard is a multi-purpose beard bonnet that can be used while you’re eating, cooking or even in your day-to-day activities. With a Beard Guard not only will you keep your beard moisturized and protected from the elements, you will look good while using it. Click here to shop.

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