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9 year-old 'RAP KIDD E' Refreshes Music Scene with Positive Message

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Move over Kendrick Lamar. The next burgeoning young talent in Hip Hop has arrived. Meet Rap Kidd E age 9 , fresh out of Norfolk Virginia. Rap Kidd E aims to present inspirational and motivational rap to inspire people from around the world to use their platform for positivity and social enrichment. With a mix of clever wordplay and poignant social commentary, Rap Kidd E is looking to shakeup the music scene. Already having performed at charity events, talent shows, concerts, and being nominated for the 2016 Youth Crime Prevention Award, Rap Kidd E is a name you should expect to be hearing from soon. And don’t let the age fool you! The sheer volume of accomplishments and accolades already attributed to Rap Kidd E speaks to his undying work ethic and talent. Rap Kidd E recently released a music video for his “Life As A Kidd” single that you can find linked below. In it he passionately raps,

“Put the guns down, put the guns down” “See I’m a kid, they tell me not to worry, but when I see the TV it’s a different story. Wonder why this world is such a crazy place, why people treat you different just because your race.” “It isn’t fair and no it isn’t cool, but I’m a focus on my dreams and go to school, stupid acts of violence can we make it right?”
Rap Kidd E is on the way up. Check out his music, listen to his story and, most importantly, absorb his message. This young man has a truth to speak, and has developed his platform in order to be able to share that message with the world. Rap Kidd E is coming. You’ve been warned. VISIT: https://www.facebook.com/pg/rapkidde/about/?ref=page_internal Instagram: @Rap_Kidd_E https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KZskyDXYyYA&feature=youtu.be https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LbT1gngjk70  ]]>

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