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A 13-year-old Engineered These Period Panties That Provide Protection and Tackle Cramps

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Whether it’s her first period or her 100th, a woman can breeze through her monthly cycle with the absorbent, reusable, leak-proof period panties from Black-owned menstrual care brand Awesomeliyou. These panties offer a small, insertable, on-the-go heating pad to provide relief from cramps and other symptoms.

The brand was created by Aaliyah, a 13-year-old genius and entrepreneur. Aaliyah always wanted to start a business and create something impactful and purposeful. So at the age of 11, Aaliyah founded the brand with the help of her mother, Djenane. 

Around the time that Aaliyah and her friends started menstruating, she noticed that a big concern among girls her age was the fear of leaks and stains. She no longer wanted herself or other girls to worry about period stains, so her mother encouraged Aaliyah to launch her first business in response to this problem. 

Then, one day, Aaliyah had to accompany her mother out on an errand, but she was suffering from menstrual cramps and was upset that she couldn’t take her heating pad with her. While at a store, she complained to her mother that there was no period panty for sale that also had a heating pad attached. That’s when Djenane encouraged Aaliyah to make the product that she needed. 

Awesomeliyou’s innovative design is important because approximately 80% of women experience period pain, however, about 5 to 10% of women experience period pains so bad that it can disrupt their daily lives. Heating pads are a proven remedy to combat period pain. They work by helping to open blood vessels and promote blood flow, which helps to relax tight muscles and wash out the buildup of lactic acid which leads to soreness.

The underwear are made of a comfortable cotton and spandex blend and the panties come in sizes S-XXL. The heating pad is thin enough to go unnoticed underneath clothing and doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. 

“Sometimes I even forget that I’m wearing the underwear, that’s how comfortable they are,” Aaliyah commented. 

Aaliyah went through much trial and error to make sure the pad fit perfectly and was effective. Although Aaliyah’s mother helped her create the business, Djenane wants customers to know that “she makes all the final decisions, this is her business.”

Shop Awesomeliyou to relieve your cramps and protect your clothing at the same time!

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