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A Black Doctor Is Schooling Us With The Ultimate Fashion Accessory

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Exclusivity is the ultimate distinction, in fashion. When 50,000 people are wearing the same shirt that you are it’s less valuable, even if well made. NCMPRBL (pronounced: N-Com-Par-ah-bull) is a watch brand that not only offers consumers great craftsmanship and a proclaimed “feeling and a look” but also, pieces that only you’ll be wearing to the office or that party. NCMPRBL is also distinct in that each piece made is directly inspired by the experiences of Black people. NCMPRBL offers style that only a designer can furnish, with the depth that only a Doctor of Education can bring. NCMPRBL has it all.

NCMPRBL prides itself on being the only Black doctor owned watch brand in the country, boasting exclusivity with a sneaker-head like rollout with limited edition collections. In the entire world, there might be only 50 of any given watch that they make. When you buy a piece from NCMPRBL, you are not just buying a watch but also pieces of the founder’s life story and culturally defining moments in Black history. Dr. Mario McCoy, the founder, uses designs and life inspiration to connect with his community, rightfully dubbed “NCMPRBLife.” For example, the black and gold “Sphinx” watch is inspired by the founder’s journey as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.; the colors and design are carefully designed to tell Egyptian hieroglyphics, and an ode to his fraternal history. The upcoming “Prolific 42” timepiece draws inspiration in color and design from Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball for the then Brooklyn Dodgers, as well as Los Angeles icon Nipsey Hussle. The Prolific 42 piece speaks to the importance of breaking barriers in sports and hip hop. NCMPRBL is sophisticated, cultured and has advanced quality timepieces, at an affordable price.

NCMPRBL is a deep brand, from the mind of a deep thinker. Dr. Mario McCoy obtained his doctorate from the University of Southern California and has history providing consulting and speaking directly to Black youth from underserved communities, on education and entrepreneurship. Ironically, as a child, Mario was diagnosed as emotionally disturbed and attended classes for children with special needs. Mario didn’t begin attending regular classes until the age of 10. Mario’s hometown of Milwaukee didn’t offer the best odds, either. He grew up on the heavily segregated and impoverished Northside of Milwaukee, in a lower-middle class, single parent household. According to a 2013 study done by the University of Wisconsin of Milwaukee, over half of Milwaukee County’s Black men in their thirties and early forties had spent time in state correctional facilities. Mario is not only a survivor but through his perseverance and creative mindset, his aim is to inspire today’s creators and tomorrow’s leaders to create over conform.

The Prolific 42 timepiece

Mario didn’t have corporate backers, crowdfunding or investors when he launched NCMPRBL. He left his corporate job while enrolled in his doctoral program and became a victim of Hurricane Harvey. Having lost almost all of his belongings shortly after his newborn sons’ grandmother passed away and with limited support, he bet on himself by using his passion to address the lack of diversity in the watch industry. Mario started NCMPRBL with loans, watch sketches and a goal to create a brand to disrupt and diversify, increasing visibility for the Black creative demographic amongst a small handful of Black owned watch designers. Today, the NCMPRBL brand is providing exclusive, meaningful timepieces for creatives, models, musicians, professors, athletes, blue collar workers and doctors, while quickly growing the NCMPRBLife community across the globe. This brand is stirring, fashionable and full of depth. Shop the NCMPRBL collection today and #advanceyourwrist.

**Find NCMPRBL watches in Houston at @legacylapels (2001 Commerce St.) and @wonderlikewander (2007 Commerce St.) and of course, at ncmprbl.com. You can follow NCMPRBL on every social media platform at @beNCMPRBL

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D'Juan Hopewell
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