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Add Some Flavor to Your Health Journey With Kusherland Holistic Healing

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Kusherland Holistic Healing is your one-stop-shop for everything health and wellness.

The innovative wellness brand is the brainchild of D.C. natives and natural health enthusiasts Kia Williams and business partner Kief Kusher. The pair founded the business to inspire and encourage healthy lifestyles for Black people nationwide. Kusherland Holistic Healing offers a variety of health goods to assist in one’s wellness journey, but according to Williams, health starts with what we eat. 

“We are what we eat, so we should know what’s in the things we eat,” Williams expressed.

For Williams, the journey to a holistic lifestyle has been deeply personal. She credits her grandmother’s victory against cancer as a catalyst in changing her perception of healthy eating. Williams has always enjoyed cooking, so when she vowed to change her diet, she wanted to make sure she could still enjoy cooking and most importantly, eating the food she cooked. Williams believes food can be healthy and flavorful. So, she has set out to challenge the narrative that healthy food means bland food, by providing delicious alternatives.

“Healthy food is good food, and our products make sure of that,” Williams said.  

The brand offers a selection of sauces, oils, and teas that all promote health and vitality. All their food products are hand-crafted in small batches, using pure, organic oils and herbs. In addition to purchasing their food items a-la-carte, DMV-area fans of this holistic brand can also hire Kusherland Holistic Healing to cater events with fresh, healthy food that guests will love.

Kusherland Holistic Healing is not Kusher and Williams’ first project as a professional and creative team. Outside of Kusherland Holistic Healing, Kusher is an artist and DJ. Williams is a chef known locally as Chef K. The two have teamed up for brunch events and paint parties, where Kusher sets the vibe and Williams sets the table with delicious, healthy food.

Their success with parties and events has inspired the duo to open a farm-to-table, zero-waste concept restaurant in the D.C area. The Kusherland Holistic Healing restaurant is slated to open for dine-in serving in early 2022 and will be serving mainly plant-based, farm-to-table meals with limited chicken and fish options.

At its core, Kusherland Holistic is a brand centered on self-care. To accompany its many other offerings, the brand is launching a 2022 holistic planner filled with mantras and space to plan your year of self-care.

Shop Kusherland Holistic Healing today!

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