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Agents Of Change: Black Women Making History In The Sports Industry Today

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The only constant in life is that everything changes. In 2019 it seems like society is changing at a rapid pace. In the historically white male dominated, multi-billion dollar sports representation industry, Black women are creating real change. Sports agents Lisa Joseph-Metelus and Nicole Lynn are both blazing a trail in the sports industry.

Extreme Lack of Diversity

The sports agent business is one of the least diverse and exclusionary industries in the country. The numbers are STAGGERING. According to Inside The League there are over 900 certified NFL agents, but about 10% of those agents represent 90% of the league. Out of the 900 certified NFL agents only 9 of them are women, and only three of them are black women. Nicole Lynn is the only black woman with an active client on an NFL roster.

An NFL football sits with a pile of money on a green field

Changing The Game

In April, Lynn made history as the first black woman to represent a top 5 draft pick. She’s the lead agent for Young Money APAA Sports, a sports agency owned by platinum selling rapper Lil Wayne. The 29-year old agent represents former Alabama defensive tackle, and current New York Jet Quinnen Williams. Williams was selected 3rd overall by the New York Jets in the 2019 NFL draft.

Later this month Lisa Joseph-Metelus will be the first Black woman to represent a number 1 overall pick in the NBA draft. Joseph-Metelus is an executive at CAA sports, a leading sports and entertainment agency with an extensive client list. Last week she signed former Duke forward and presumptive number 1 pick Zion Williamson. She’s co-representing him with Austin Brown, another African American agent with CAA.

Barriers are being broken down everyday. It speaks volumes that top college players are putting their trust in black women to guide their careers. These two women are inspiring a generation of young Black women to pursue dreams of breaking into sports representation. Change takes time but it’s inevitable.

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