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Alchemy Oil’s Magical Blend Heals From Head to Toe

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Alchemy Oil offers one, amazing product — a nourishing oil that’s perfect for hair, beards, bodies, and everything in between. 

Alexandria Pierce, creator of Alchemy Oil, says the journey to creating this oil and her business began over five years ago when she began to experience a life transformation of sorts — changing the way she ate, attending therapy, and removing chemicals and artificial additives from her personal care products. 

Alchemy Oil creator Alexandria Pierce

“I was tired of seeing all the chemicals listed on the back of bottles [of products] I had. I was just trying to remove all these toxins from my body. I stopped drinking, started doing yoga, started going to therapy, and really working on myself,” Pierce told We Buy Black. 

So, she began making her own products, and experimenting with ingredients that not only got the job done without chemicals, but that actually promoted healing.

Today, Alchemy Oil contains 11 all-natural, organic, pressed oils and Pierce promises, this oil blend is unlike any other you’ve tried. 

“Each one of those ingredients has a distinct benefit for hair health and scalp health,” she said. 

“If you want to maintain or grow or minimize dry scalp, these are the top ingredients that work together to make everything that comes out of your head completely healthy. What makes it magical is that we have a secret and special dilution percentage, and a special blending method. That makes the oil a different texture from any different oils.”

Before Pierce began selling her oil formula, she consulted with a chemist who helped her discover a proprietary system of blending and a scientific way to determine how much essential oil should be added to each batch. Pierce says that it’s this extra step that is critical to getting the oil’s unique texture just right and also to making sure the levels of essential oils are safe. 

“A lot of people don’t understand that essential oils are really powerful. You can’t just dump them on the skin,” she said. 

Alchemy Oil was busy making a name for itself locally when COVID-19 hit and put an end to Pierce’s ability to sell the oil at local markets and pop-up events. Since then, she has leaned more fully into her online presence, stoking lively discussions about self care, holistic health, and even some controversial topics on her blog and social media pages. 

Pierce says her oil does wonders for the entire body, but that customers tend to report that they like to use it as a beard oil, to moisturize and heal dry skin conditions, and most popularly, to help condition hair when transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. 

“If you’re able to put something on your scalp, you should be able to put some on your arms, legs … it should be safe to put all over.”

Alchemy Oil comes in an original scent and a lavender-free version. Buy Alchemy Oil here

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