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Atlanta Hair Salon Offers $29 Quick Blowout For Holidays

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Customer Service: The ladies are warm, friendly and great conversationalists! When I arrived, the owner, Elizabeth Whitmore, greeted me warmly and made me feel at home right away.  We chatted while I waited for my stylist to finish up her client. Elizabeth is extremely personable, witty, knowledgeable and pretty inspiring. Particularly, her passion for entrepreneurship has helped hundreds of local aspiring entrepreneurs write and polish their business plans. [Sidenote] Elizabeth is currently midway through a pregnancy, sporting the cutest belly and still has tons of energy, as the backbone of this new venture. Once I sat in my chair and started chatting with my stylist, Sahar, we hit it off and discovered we shared so many interests. We had a rich conversation, covering everything from hair to creative and personal endeavors.  For me, this made the evening and experience that much more intimate and enjoyable.  

They TRULY care about the health of your Hair. 

One of the first things I noticed when I sat down for my wash, was that Sahar took the initiative to offer information on what products she was using and why/what benefits they offered. I didn’t have to ask any questions, she was very present and thorough in her knowledge and explanations. If I did have a question, she was patient and made sure I understood. The wash and conditioning process was quick, simple and extremely soothing – she pretty much gave the best scalp massage. Once it was time for me to get my hair blown out and prepped for the trim, Sahar let me know she would take her time because I had a lot of split ends. She knew it would eventually be trimmed, but she didn’t want to break off any hair unnecessarily in the process.  She was true to her word! It took a GOOD amount of time for her to work through my whole head and I couldn’t believe she didn’t snap at any point and start yanking the dryer through my hair. She literally had concern for every strand of my hair (and I have a lot it). I was floored at her patience, thorough understanding of good hair-care, and her GENUINE concern for my hair’s health.

It’s a Customized Experience 

At Quick Blowout Bar, they really stress that every customer gets what THEY want and they are very committed to this. Once Sahar was done blowing me out, just as she told me she would do – she stopped to show me the length of my hair and how much she thought should be trimmed – to see if I would approve first, before she stared cutting. I was relieved as we all know how nerve-wrecking and depressing things can get when you and the stylist with the scissors are NOT on the same page. Also, I made it clear that I didn’t want my hair “bone straight,” I wanted some volume.  Sahar ensured that just the right amount of heat was applied for me to get a substantial style without any excessive heat, nor any damage. I have since washed my hair and my lovely kinky curls bounced right back, undisturbed! And last but certainly not least…

The Price is SO Right!

Yes, $35 for a wash, blowout and silk press! However,  Mark Your Calendars — on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, the ladies are offering the same deal for only $29 and on 12/16, they are hosting a Pamper Party with catered food, swag bags, and a masseuse offering 5 minutes massages for $5. You can go to their website https://quickblowoutbar.com for more details on their services.   Mu’minah Qadar WeBuyBlack.com    ]]>

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