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Authentic African Jewelry by Athena Luxuries

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Clothing and jewelry have always been vehicles for self-expression. We Buy Black not only wants to afford you the freedom to express yourself as an individual but also as an African individual. In addition to selling Afro-centric and African-print clothing, We Buy Black also hosts vendors who sell African jewelry. One of our top sellers of African jewelry and the focal point of this article is Athena Luxuries. Continue reading to learn more about Athena Luxuries.

Athena Luxuries

Athena Luxuries was founded by Kala Majors. Majors strives to support small African artisans, seamstresses, and vendors. Athena Luxuries’ goal is to maintain authenticity and African tradition in the jewelry that they sell. Serving the Black community is key to their mission. By purchasing goods directly from African vendors and then selling their jewelry to Black customers, Athena Luxuries is a major contributor to the Buy Black Movement. In addition to providing the Black community with quality goods, Athena Luxuries also promotes ‘teranga.’ ‘Teranga’ is the Wolof word meaning, “Exceptional hospitality.” Majors understands that it’s not simply about pushing a product or making a profit. It’s also about providing the best customer service possible.


Athena Luxuries is selling Senegalese waist beads on We Buy Black. These waist beads are flexible, durable, and versatile. The average band of waist beads can be adjusted to fit women with waist sizes 0-18. Women can wear these bands while swimming, showering, and more. You can wear them in a manner that complements your outfit, or you can wear them as lingerie. And there’s no better time than right now to purchase waist beads: everything is 10% off! Athena Luxuries’ waist beads also come in various colors. If you would like to learn more about the colors and how to purchase your waist beads, please take a look at the following list.

1. Ancien: Dark Gold Authentic African Waist Beads

The dark gold color of these waist beads would impeccably complement any skin tone. Whether you have a large amount of melanin, a small amount, or somewhere in between, any Black queen would look remarkable with a set of these gold waist beads against their skin. Click here to get 10% off your beads today. We Buy Black, Black jewelry, Buy Black Movement, Blackness, Athena Luxuries

2. Nona: Iridescent Black Authentic African Waist Beads

Arguably, there is no color greater than the color black. Be it the blackness of the night sky, the blackness of the Black Mountain, Zion, or the Black skin of the African Diaspora, there is no color more beautiful. These iridescent black waist beads remind all who see them just how beautiful the color black is. Click here to get your Nona waist beads now. We Buy Black, Black jewelry, Buy Black Movement, Blackness, Athena Luxuries

3. Beau: Royal Blue Authentic African Waist Beads

Black royalty is often withheld from the mainstream. Until Marvel’s Black Panther was released this year, it was a challenge to find Black royalty depicted anywhere. Not a problem. Now you can display your own Black royalty every day with these royal blue African waist beads. Click here to get your beads and flaunt your royalty. We Buy Black, Black jewelry, Buy Black Movement, Blackness, Athena Luxuries]]>

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