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Baby Clothes With Sass: Order Your 'Melanin Babies' Gift Set Today!

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Something’s Missing

“When I go shopping in stores, I can’t ever find gift sets or bundles for our children. Something’s missing”, expressed Pamela Randolph-Willams. Back in 2003 when Randolph-Williams opened her Babies & Toddlers children’s boutique, she was inspired to do so because this lack of clothing selection for Black children. After a 3 year stint, however, the Belleville, Illinois resident ended up closing the store; yet, her passions for entrepreneurship and children’s clothing continued to burn.

Melanin Babies

Pamela credits an enlightening business conversation in 2015 with her husband as the catalyst for creating Melanin Babies, her latest infant & toddler clothing company. He suggested that she try creating an online e-commerce store instead of a brick and mortar location and PRW Babies, the initial business name, was born.  In January 2017, Randolph-Willams launched PRW Babies’ e-commerce site and placed her products on our online marketplace, WeBuyBlack.com, as well. In October 2018, Randolph-Willams decided to change PRW Babies to Melanin Babies in an attempt to better market her brand. And clearly, things have been working! Essence Magazine recently found Melanin Babies’ products on WeBuyBlack.com and contacted Pamela Randolph-Williams about spotlighting the brand in an upcoming issue. After mailing in products for review, Melanin Babies was successfully selected and is currently spotlighted in Essence’s latest print issue (December 2018).

Baby Clothes With Sass

Melanin Babies was created for children to showcase their personality and sass. More specifically, its baby apparel and accessories were created to promote positive vibes, self-esteem and expression on a daily basis. Melanin Babies offers its customers a large variety of baby & toddler fashion including diaper covers, dresses, skirts, onesies, booties, gift bundles and more. Visit https://webuyblack.com/melaninbabies to check out Melanin Babies exciting inventory and make your holiday purchase today!  Melanin Babies always matter.    

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