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Biomedical Engineer by Day, Shoe Designer by Night

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While the largest brands dominate shopping malls with their sneakers, it’s rare to find brick-and-mortar stores featuring Black-owned sneakers. In 2022, the US shoe industry’s market size reached $85.84 billion, with an expected annual growth rate of 5.31%. The leading shoe brand in the US generated roughly $46.7 billion in revenue and employed over 79,000 people.

Shoe designer, Karlton Walker grew up unable to afford the latest sneakers. As he became financially independent, his passion for collecting sneakers also grew. Eventually, this biomedical engineer, driven by the desire to represent his community, decided to create his own sneaker company.

Here is your new favorite sneaker brand It’s Just Fresh
from Chicago Navy Veteran, Karlton Walker

Karlton learned the art of hand-making sneakers from a celebrity shoemaker. He began designing and sewing in his basement. After creating a color scheme adopted by the biggest shoe brand in the nation, Karlton realized he had something valuable to offer.

Committed to quality materials and craftsmanship, Karlton‘s sneakers are built to last. Combining style and comfort, they offer a unique alternative to mass-produced footwear. With an unwavering focus on detail and customer satisfaction, Karlton aims to become a leader in the independent sneaker industry.

His first design, The Fresh Voyagers, and second design, The Fresh Otudus, are currently available for purchase. It’s Just Fresh is releasing six new designs next year.

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