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Black Ad Exec Looking to Create 1 Million Black Millionaires

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Black professionals make up 10 percent of college graduates but less than 1 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs and only 3 percent of executive/senior manager-level roles, according to a study by the Center for Talent Innovation. The study also revealed that 65 percent of Black professionals feel they have to work harder to advance and the number of Black professionals in senior roles aligns with those sentiments.

The result of these struggles has led to 38 percent of Black millennials saying they are considering leaving their jobs to start their own company. For those individuals, Brian Lee is creating a platform to empower them to become millionaires. Despite the challenges that many face climbing the corporate ladder, Brian wants everyone to know that we are enough and that we don’t need third party validation to create world class products and services.

Meet Brian Lee

Over the course of his career, Brian has worked on advertising campaigns for the largest brands in the world (Microsoft, Verizon, Citi and many more), a thought leader that advertising companies like Google go to in order to improve their products. He is also a contributor to Forbes, AdExchanger and more. Despite his success, Brian comes from humble beginnings and like many Black professionals, struggled to climb the corporate ladder for many years despite delivering quantifiable success to his organizations consistently. The once homeless phenom never forgets where he came from and always looks to reach back to others coming up behind him.

In addition to large brands, Brian has devoted a large amount of his time empowering small Black businesses to improve their business offerings and increase their revenue. This includes everything from creating e-commerce strategies for brands appearing on Shark Tank to accelerating sales for local businesses through digital advertising. His passion has always been showing Black businesses how to market like the Fortune 500 companies and he’s created a plan to create Black Wall Streets all over the world.

Brian’s Black Economic Empowerment Plan

In an effort to create one million Black millionaires over the next 10 years, Brian has outlined a multi-phased approach to circulating the Black dollar. Brian believes that building the Black Wall Streets of modern times require a digital first approach. His plan starts with building a platform that fortifies the Black professional in Corporate America, ladders up to Black business and entrepreneurship and then finally, the Black community. The plan will be put into action through his company, Black Health and Wealth and Brian is preparing to put phase one into motion now.

Black Professionals

Under phase 1, Brian will provide education and professional development to Black professionals to help them navigate Corporate America, but will also create resources for every person to embrace entrepreneurship, even if it starts as a side hustle. Black Health and Wealth is creating a professional network for corporations to find top Black talent and to hold them accountable to the statements they have made about increasing Black representation in their companies.

Black Businesses

Phase 2 is a Black Business network. The goal is to centralize all Black businesses, make it easy, convenient and amazing to buy Black, just like you would for any other business. Black Health and Wealth will also be able to hold companies accountable for supplier diversity through the Black Health and Wealth business network.

Additionally, the company wants to create, buy and invest in Black businesses that are struggling with growth, marketing, systems, etc, but have a good business model and good financials with potential for growth. The business network will also be a way for Black businesses to share information with each other (suppliers, best practices, costs, etc) to improve the chances of staying in business. This is the key to our survival and success.

Business Education

Brian believes the key to making Black professionals and Black businesses successful is education and making sure that everyone has a place to go to in order to get the game. Black Health and Wealth will offer courses, events and more to improve business acumen of Black business owners. In fact, We Buy Black is going to hold a digital marketing series with Black Health and Wealth to show our black businesses how to create a winning digital marketing strategy.

Cooperative Economics

Brian needs everyone’s help to pull this off and yes, that includes you too. Our weakness as a community is that we are fragmented and Black Health and Wealth is proposing a solution to tie everything together. What the company has pulled off, in a short amount of time, is impressive and now we need everyone to support Brian in his efforts to the community. Many of you may even have a similar solution to one of the components that Brian has outlined or know someone who does, but that does not matter. Black Health and Wealth can help support you and vice versa. Their platform will serve as the connective tissue and infrastructure to allow every Black individual and business to be great. Simply put, they are an ally and we need everyone on their platform now.

Support the Cause

Please sign up for their platform, tell your friends and family to sign up and then support the mission. We are better served having talent like Brian leading a Black organization, instead of having to give most of his time to major corporations in order to provide for his family. Let’s put our dollars behind this brotha and donate to Black Health and Wealth, since this is your movement, too.
Visit blackhealthwealth.com and follow @blackhealthwealth and @brianleemarketing for more information.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
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