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Black Agency Introduces $500 million "HBCU Green" Initiative

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Black Agency Introduces $500 million “HBCU Green” Development  Many of America’s HBCU ’s struggle to survive in an educational arena that is advancing technologically at an astronomical speed. An unfortunate fiscal dependance on federal and state governments is the biggest reason for this struggle which tailspinned HBCU’s into a free-fall of financial disarray. In addition to weakened competitive and financial standings, HBCU’s are also limited in their ability to positively impact (our) surrounding communities, many of which are medically and nutritionally unfit, located in USDA certified unhealthy food zones. Cue “HBCU Green,” a $500 million private-public partnership with up to five Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Stanfield Global, the largest Black owned and managed green project consulting and finance firm in the world. The cutting-edge development is specifically aimed at reducing the HBCU’s reliance on federal and state government funding by creating revenue streams through the development of HBCU-owned real estate assets,  increasing campus and community awareness of healthy choices for food, drink, vitamins, supplements and overall living and creating holistic living and shopping in alternative energy propelled destinations for each campus and its surrounding region. Photo Courtesy of  https://stanfield.global   The “HBCU Green” initiativewill include dozens of proposed developments. Here are a few: • A 10 megawatt solar farm (60 acres) • A holistic medical clinic (5,000 sq. ft.) • A biomass conversion facility creating biodiesel fuels • Fresh Farmers Market (20,000 sq. ft.) • A Sustainable “Green” Research Building (80,000 sq. ft.) • A day care center (3000 sq. ft.) with adjacent 3-acre Recreation Park, • Federal Credit Union (3,000 sq. ft.) • Solar powered Automobile Service Station with electric car charging stations, CNG and Bio-diesel fuels, regular and premium gas (5,000 sq. ft.) Stanfield Global will provide and/or coordinate financing for the developments while each respective HBCU will participate by contributing land to the joint venture (60-125 acres) on which to construct the improvements.  Dr. Cedric J. Franklin, Stanfield Global CEO states, “HBCU Green will be a holistically driven, alternative energy, residential and commercial community designed to breathe new life into our historically black colleges and universities. The ‘green,’ holistic, and state of the art communities will not only change the lifestyles of students, staff and surrounding community but also become an example for those interested in what the future will look like. HBCU Green is innovative change in America.” For more information, visit https://stanfield.global/projects/project-hbcu-green/]]>

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