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Black Business: 5 Must-Haves For Your New Home Office + A Design Session for You!

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Okay Girl Bosses, and my Guy Bosses! It’s time to get our money up, and truly make this upcoming first quarter of 2018 a major hit via accomplishments, goals, and finances!  I want this season to be of increase to all of you.

I strongly believe that our work areas or offices should set us up for success. They have to be an inspiration to who we are and/or everything we want to become. Every girl and guy has some boss in them, and it’s time we get our work spaces in check! Whether you’re a full time or part time entrepreneur, a boss in training, or a boss that holds it down at your Fortune 500 company, we all need an area that’s strictly designated for handling business.  Keep reading and learn more about an exclusive Richie Madison makeover opportunity just for you and your home office, with me!


You want to start with understanding the use of space and how effective it can be in helping you get to the next level.  Secondly, you want to choose a look you like, something that truly reflects or embodies you.  Home offices or work areas aren’t limited to feeling like the office at your 9 to 5; they can be as lively and glamorous as you’d like or as minimalistic as you prefer.  I’m going to give you my Top 5 must haves to totally beautify and make over your new office.


Your office desk is what’s going to inspire you to actually leave your living room sofa, or your bed, and get to work at your stylish desk. Remember, your office has to inspire YOU, which generates goals, ideas, and essentially money! Before we make money, we first have to be inspired…this is where your aesthetic comes into play.


Your walls are what creates the energy in your space. You can go as bold, as monochromatic, or as soft as you want. Personally, I’m into monochromatics. Decide if you want wall coverings or paint. Whichever you decide, it will make a huge statement, and it should be something that peaks your interest…YOU have to exist and thrive in this space.


Seating is as just as important. You need your desk chair and you need seating for guests. Whether you will have guests in your office or not, it’s a nice touch to add, and it gives you options. Not all the time may you want or need to sit behind your desk. You may also want to sit on your velvet tufted sofa or your Louis style chairs. Your pick. Also, you need comfortable seating for your desk of course. As stylish as a chair can be, it should accommodate your body since you’ll be sitting there often while servicing your clients, fullfilling orders, or counting money; so, it has to be well fitting for your comfortability standards.


You need an attractive planner!  Why can’t you jot down your goals, stay organized, and take notes in style?  I can honestly say, when you have a stylish journal, you’re more likely to access it as opposed to some plain classic black/white school journal.  There are many neat options out here.


Simply put, you need a piece of art in your office.  It has to be something that steers your inspiration, and pulls you in. It has to be artwork that makes you smile just by looking at it.  I have a small wall gallery in my studio.  Everything is black and white, simple, and they all flow together well.  I have my girl Nippy on my wall (from her 1988 performance of The Greatest Love of All in London), the Prada Marfa piece of art, and my company name “Richie Madison” framed.

Your Richie Madison Design Session


Exclusively for my We Buy Black readers, I want to offer you an opportunity for a quick one-on-one design session with me, remotely!  You can ask me any specific design questions or address any major design concerns you’re having, like “what to do this with this wall, how to increase the light flow in my living room, ways to maximize space, or which drapes should I use.”  I won’t be able to design your home in our session, but I will give you some quality design direction.  Don’t forget to have some photos of your areas of concern ready!  Book a session with me by completing our contact form.  Only 10 spots available.  Exclusive to WBB readers.

XO, Tiara

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