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Black Chemist Produces Breakthrough To Moisturize Skin & Hair

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Science often gives us a slight edge over nature. When science is skillfully blended with nature, however, things advance dramatically. A Black chemist is ushering in that type of leap forward in the science of beauty. Ni’Kita Wilson is a chemist who worked decades in the cosmetics industry, developing over 3,200 products for some of the top brands. Through her company, Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist, Wilson has introduced a breakthrough line of elevated oils specially crafted to moisturize Black women’s skin and hair in a way that was, before now, unheard of. This was a job especially for a Black chemist.

Imagine putting water on your hands to moisturize them — you’d soon need more water, if you wanted to maintain the moisture. Imagine, however, if that water were covered by plastic wrap — the water would be locked in for a very long time! Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist has a line of elevated oils specially formulated to help Black women achieve and maintain moisture in their hair, body and face, in a similar way. The Replenish line of products use oils along with shea and cocoa butters from nature, combined with clean, science-based ingredients to lock in benefits. Hyaluronic acid, for example, is an ingredient that can hold 100 times its weight in water, which Replenish products uses to maintain moisture, for an extended period of time. Skillfully blending trusted natural oils, butters and a safe blend of synthesized ingredients, Replenish products help Black women lock in moisture and derive the maximum benefits. Yes, there are some things that a chemist can do, that the rest of us simply cannot.

Replenish Creme Oil products are guaranteed to safely balance moisture levels of skin and hair, picking up where nature leaves off. The road to developing these breakthrough products wasn’t easy — it never is, for Black women. Ni’Kita is from South Jersey. She and her sister grew up in a family of love but, due to alcoholism being a factor, the home was often unstable, which meant a lot of moving around. Always the “new kid,” she attended 10 different schools growing up before settling in Sicklerville. Still, her love for science drove her to study and she made it to college, at Montclair State University. Her father’s passing during her freshman year devastated her momentarily, knocking her off track. What helped refocus Ni’Kita was the birth of her daughter. Fortunately, her husband-to-be helped support her so that she could make it through school — he put his education on hold and worked so that Ni’Kita could focus on her studies. Eventually Ni’Kita graduated with a degree in chemistry.

Ni’Kita found her way into the cosmetics world as a chemist. She worked well over a decade learning the industry, formulating products and helping the biggest luxury brands in the world innovate new solutions for women. Ni’Kita also noticed that although certain brands wanted Black women to buy their products, they were very explicit in telling her that Black women were not their priority or target demographic. Ni’Kita always wanted to branch out on her own and make products to affirm Black women’s worth but the moment never seemed to materialize. It finally came when Ni’Kita became angry enough at the industry for its dismissive treatment of Black women. For years she listened to corporate execs tell her that Black women were not a priority for them. But when Ni’Kita saw Black owned brands beginning to back away from Black women so they could lure non-Black customers, she’d had enough. Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist was to always be for Black women and respect their time, money and intelligence.

Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist’s Replenish line of products represent a breakthrough in the cosmetics industry. These products take moisture for hair and skin to a different level, combining all the goodness of nature with science to enhance every Black woman’s beauty. The company is determined to partner with Black women in every way. In fact, they recently launched a beauty collaborative on its website which allows women to vote on various product concepts. If your idea is selected to take to market, the company will share its profits with you! Ni’Kita Wilson Beauty Chemist is making a bold leap forward with nature, enhanced by science. This company is for, from, and about Black women — such a company deserves our support.  

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D'Juan Hopewell
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