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Black Doctor Makes Breakthrough, Natural Treatment For Sinus Problems

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The most powerful person is reduced to weakness, when they have sinus problems. The simple act of breathing becomes a challenge and infections in the sinuses can lead to serious health problems. A Black otolaryngologist– ear, nose and throat specialist– has developed a specialty line of inhalers that utilize Himalayan Sea Salt in order to lessen the sensation of stuffiness, seasonal allergies, reduce sinus drainage and post-nasal drip, for children and adults. The Salt Me! brand is an innovate approach to treat sinus problems, powered by nature and approved by a board-certified physician.

Salt Me! nasal inhalers are made with a unique, proprietary blend of essential oils, infused into 100% pure and Kosher-Certified Himalayan Sea Salt. These inhalers act as a non-medicated, alternative sinus and nasal treatment and have strong, scientific evidence to prove ingredient effectiveness. The adult nasal inhaler has seven different essential oils, all chosen to help lessen the worst sinus symptoms. Salt Me! also makes an inhaler for children, safe for kids as young as two-years-old: not all oils are safe for children. Salt Me! also has an inhaler that is safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding! You no longer have to live with stuffy nose and terrible drainage, Salt Me! offers consumers the opportunity to breathe clearly, naturally. 

Tonia L. Farmer, M.D. is the shero behind this innovative company. Dr. Farmer is a board-certified sinus specialist and as such, she’s supremely qualified to not only recommend treatment options but to also evaluate the safety and effectiveness of products. Dr. Farmer’s instinct to provide care runs deep, a commitment she developed at age seven, when her twin sister was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. The experience Dr. Farmer and her family had, an experience of compassionate care, convinced her that she should devote her life to the same cause. It is this type of ethic that enables her to listen carefully to her patients and that’s how Salt Me! came into existence.

In the Midwest, where Dr. Farmer practices, there is a heightened demand for more natural treatments. One particular patient, who’d always had severe sinus issues, helped to broaden Dr. Farmer’s perspective immensely. The patient asked whether Dr. Farmer knew much about salt therapy. Dr. Farmer didn’t know much about it but after examining her nose with a scope, found that her sinuses were in much better shape! Dr. Farmer did more research on salt therapy, even studying medical journals from Europe to find out if the science backed up the hype: it was all very real. Using her extensive medical expertise, Dr. Farmer went to work blending her clinical knowledge with nature and today, Salt Me! is delivering real relief to patients around the country. You don’t have to suffer anymore, Salt Me! is your answer! Click here to get relief now.

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D'Juan Hopewell
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