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BLACK LIGHTNING: Another Black Superhero For The Win

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I hope and pray you all have been watching the new Black Lightning T.V series.  If not, you guys are missing out.  Now, not only do we have Black Panther, we also have Black Lightning. And both are protagonists, willing to do whatever for their community/country.  Won’t He do it?  Black folks are coming up and Hollywood is starting to notice, not that we’re doing it to impress them, but reviews and numbers don’t lie. So if you’ve been hiding under a rock, Black Lightning is played by Cress Williams, who we all remember as Scooter from Living Single.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh Living Single, the good ol’ days, ok back to the topic at hand.  This series is ALL BLACK, with no apology.  The wife is played by british actress Christine Adams, the oldest daughter is played by Nafessa Williams, and the youngest daughter is played by China Anne McClain. We all remember her and her sisters from the Tyler Perry movie, Daddy’s Girls. They were the balanced ratio of cuteness and rudeness. A couple of episodes in, you’ll find out that Black Lightning’s daughters may have inherited his powers as well, which deems great for a father daughter trio of bad-assery. The CW series draws from real life social issues as well as family issues and uses race and injustice to set itself apart from the rest of the superhero shows.  It is a bit surprising too with Cress being 47 years old, which some would think would make him an unlikely pick for a superhero.  However,  it works out great because the show borders the line between being a family drama and a fun superhero show with a more political view, which is an element that’s missing from network shows. It was also exciting to know that the creators behind this prodigious show were none other than dynamic married duo – Mara Brock-Akil and Salim Akil.  These two have quite the extensive resume ranging from Girlfriends, The Game, Being Mary Jane, and much more.  They’ve gone out of their way to promote Black people in the best light, and they will always have me as a fan. So will you be watching Black Lightning? If you already have, what are your thoughts?]]>

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