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Ann Nahari: Do Black Men Buy Lingerie For Their Curvy Women?

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One Size…

Most people tend to have a one-size-fits-all mindset. They believe that if they can do something, then anyone else should be able to do that as well. That’s not the way the world operates. If you wear a size 11 shoe, then why would you try to squeeze into a size 9? The same goes for lingerie. The standard size that is determined ‘beautiful’ falls between sizes 0-2. So what? Does that mean curvy, voluptuous women aren’t beautiful? Curvy women shouldn’t wear lingerie? Ann Nahari disagrees with that notion.

…Does Not Fit All

Most women are not a size 0-2. And there are more women with curves than there are without. Yet, most pieces of lingerie are solely designed for petite women without curves. People notice the disparity. Lingerie is an intimate piece of clothing that should be comfortable for the woman wearing it. How can a woman who is a size 14 or bigger enjoy lingerie that is too small? If you’re a voluptuous woman, now you don’t have to worry about that. Ann Nahari offers plus-sized lingerie and is now on We Buy Black.


I was fortunate enough to speak with the founder of Ann Nahari, Sumiyyah Rasheed, about her line of plus-sized lingerie. If you consider yourself or that special woman in your life a BBW, then this article is for you. Here’s a little bit about Sumiyyah and her company.

The Founder

Rasheed is a clothing manufacturer and has been in business for herself for some time. She founded and operated a tech information business, advising businesses on how to navigate their target audiences and marketplaces. She took the managerial skills that she had honed in that industry and applied them to the fashion industry.


As a clothing manufacturer, Rasheed can make any type of clothing she wants. So, why plus-sized lingerie? 1. She noticed that there was a significant need for plus-sized lingerie. When voluptuous women attempt to wear the one-size-fits-all lingerie, they lose support in many areas. But curvy or not, all women deserve to feel sexy. 2. Rasheed is providing much more than just intimate lingerie. She is endowing curvy women with self-confidence by providing them with lingerie designed specifically for their curves.


Any clothing manufacturer knows that using the right material(s) is imperative when determining how comfortable a piece is. Because Rasheed knows this, she uses nylon, mesh, lace, and chiffon in order to make her pieces. She wanted to create lingerie that looks feminine, feels good, and is firm enough to provide extra support. Ann Nahari has been in business since 2013 and is sold to a myriad of buyers. Additionally, Rasheed has been a manufacturer since 1992, so you’re guaranteed to get high-quality, comfortable lingerie.

Do Black Men Buy Lingerie?

Rasheed shared an interesting fact with me. Men buy lingerie more often than women do. When it comes to lingerie, men know what they want to see. When a man has an idea of what he would like to see his woman wearing, he will likely purchase it and surprise her with it. It makes perfect sense, then, why more men buy lingerie than women do. But here’s our question: do Black men buy lingerie for their woman? Well, if you’re a Black man and you don’t, We Buy Black is the place to start. Check out these great plus-sized lingerie items that you and your significant other will both enjoy.

Ann Nahari Products

1. All Over Stretch Lace Teddy

This sexy piece of lingerie was designed with the curvy woman in mind. It’s firm yet flexible material is strong enough to add support in all the right areas but soft enough to increase that intimate sensation. Fellas, if you surprise your woman with this piece, I guarantee she’ll love it. And, once you see your woman dressed in this, you will not be able to resist her. Click here to add some spice to your love life. Black-owned lingerie, lingerie, plus size, BBW, curvy, voluptuous, lace, mesh, teddy

2. Floral Polka Dot Panty

Check out this cute floral polka dot panty. This panty is mixed with lace, a floral pattern, and a polka dot pattern with black lace trim. It has a 3-inch lace elastic waist that holds and supports for comfort. There is no material more sensual than lace, so this item will definitely be a turn-on for the woman wearing it, as well as, for her partner. Click here to purchase this must-have panty. Black-owned lingerie, lingerie, plus size, BBW, curvy, voluptuous, lace, mesh, teddy

3. Mesh Teddy

If you really want to drive your significant other wild, then this mesh teddy is just right for you. Tantalize your partner by wearing see-through black mesh. Seduce your partner by showing off the cut-out back. And when it comes time for that moment of pure intimacy, both you and your significant other will appreciate the snap crotch on this piece. It makes for easy access. Click here for this ultra sexy mesh teddy. Black-owned lingerie, lingerie, plus size, BBW, curvy, voluptuous, lace, mesh, teddy

4. Alexis Simone – Women’s Compression Leggings

In addition to manufacturing and selling plus-sized lingerie, Sumiyyah Rasheed also manufactures plus-sized activewear. Her activewear company’s name is Alexis Simone. Check out this amazing activewear. For example, these Women’s Compression Leggings are a must-have. They will allow you to focus on target areas–like your legs and stomach–that you might want to tone. Equipped with mesh inserts, these leggings provide airflow, so you can wear them comfortably for the entire day. Click here to check out Alexis Simone activewear. Black-owned lingerie, lingerie, plus size, BBW, curvy, voluptuous, lace, mesh, teddy]]>

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