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Black Men: Conquer 2019 & Your Personal Care with The Corporate Collection

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Black Men in 2019

Like every previous year, 2018 has had its ups and downs. One ever present trend, however, is that Black men face difficulties that are unique only to us. That’s all about to change in 2019. The Corporate Collection by Morgan Standard Products is here to help Black men and men of color end 2018 on a high note and step into 2019 with confidence. But what is The Corporate Collection? Let’s start at the beginning.

Morgan Standard Products

In 2016, Dr. Tem Morgan established Morgan Standard Products. Since then, he has created various personal care products for Black consumers, including The Corporate Collection. As a company, Morgan Standard Products aims to provide the Black consumer with high-quality products at an affordable price. As a brand, the mission is to shift the paradigm of dependency, transforming Black consumers into Black producers through entrepreneurialism.  They do this by presenting a product that supports independence by helping each customer prepare to seize their day.

The Corporate Collection

The Corporate Collection is an integration of fashion, beauty, and science. It’s a line of grooming products that is unlike any other line available on the market. Each of the grooming products within The Corporate Collection line are infused with pheromones. These pheromones activate when mixed with your natural body oils.  It creates a scent and experience unique to you that can be likened to that of your fingerprint…you are the only person in possession of it. They are designed to positively impact the behavior of The Corporate Collection user and arm you with the tools you need to make all that you desire come to fruition.

The Corporate Collection empowers men of color. In addition to the complex science behind the scent, Morgan Standard Products draws inspiration from empowering words when naming the products. For example, you can choose hair and skincare products with names like Chief of Staff, Baron and Tycoon to name a few. By using positive language, Morgan Standard Products is injecting positive thoughts into the minds of their customers.

Dr. Morgan

You may be wondering what makes Dr. Morgan the best person to sell these products? Philadelphia-born, Tem Morgan was negatively and erroneously labeled “slow” in the 6th grade after scoring poorly on a standardized test. Subsequently, he attended remedial classes. Written off by society, he became a single father by the age of 19. Despite the odds, he attended Savannah State University full-time and worked full-time. He later conducted sub-bituminous coal research for the U.S. Department of Energy. After earning his Doctoral degree Chiropractic Medicine, he established and later sold three successful chiropractic clinics.  From there, he moved into a role as a Partner and Vice President of a National Search Firm, helping those around him find purpose through meaningful jobs and careers.

The Future

After years of research, hard work, and determination, Dr. Tem Morgan has proven himself to be the right man for the job. Based on his previous successes, there’s no doubt that Morgan Standard Products will become the empire that he wants it to be. Although that may be a few years away, you don’t have to wait that long. Allow The Corporate Collection to wipe away negative thinking and be a positive influence. Embrace your Blackness, embrace your excellence and conquer 2019 with The Corporate Collection by Morgan Standard Products. Click here to purchase The Corporate Collection.

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