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Black Men Are Essentially the Wasps & "Worker Bees" of Society

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Hey Black men, are you tired of feeling useless and just like another number in society? Well remember that we all need some motivation and being anxious about the future is pointless. Living in a major city like Chicago, it is rather hard to see the universe even with a telescope due to the pollution in the air. Still, it helps me to occasionally look up at the stars and remind myself that I am just one soul playing my role in a complex mind boggling thing called eternity. After my brief metaphysical thoughts, I get back to work. After all, I was placed here to work and build.. Just as the bees were. Allow me to expound.. On last Friday I actually brought my lunch today to work and I need to make a habit of it because last year I probably spent a good $150 on food a week. Even though I brought my left over quinoa and veggies, I randomly wanted a Portillo’s salad smh. I remember last fall on a warm day, driving fast as hell listening to Young Thug (please don’t judge me lol) and this huge wasp came into my car. My window was barely cracked open. How did this little guy get into my car at the speed I was going?   Sometimes we wonder where are the blessings God said he would send our way as a result of praying and staying focused. It isn’t easy to stay focused though; and mentally no one day is the usally the same. Sustaining your focus can be like a tug of war between staying positive and doing the same mundane tasks. The latter can be discouraging and cause some to give up all together. But as this amazing insect was somehow blown into my space, I was immediately reminded of the very importance of bees/wasps. As a kid I saw way more bees around, going a summer without being stung was rare. I used to get stung standing in line at Bennett Elementary, maybe the bees were attracted to my Oreos in my pocket ha-ha. I mean honestly, bees were way more prevalent a decade ago when you really think about it. Without trying I’ve noticed the decline in bees actually over the years. A recent study from Harvard University’s Bulletin of Insectology proved my speculation right. Long story short, the massive amounts of disease-causing pesticides that are being sprayed on food has also killed our global bee population at an exponential rate. The sad thing is we need bees/wasps. They do the dirty work and set the foundation for humanity as we know it today. In early summer, most wasps’ species pollinate plants and flowers as they feed on nectar and if we removed them it would cause major problems with our agriculture foundation. I love apples, mangos, pears, and strawberries just as much as the next man. Cashews, celery, green beans, and vanilla all mean a lot to me lol. No Bees, no food. Period. Strange correlations come to my mind all the time; it’s no secret that slaves were given sugar and water at times as they worked in hot fields in the south. The sugar and water revived them to work longer hours, just like bees. Want to revive your garden? Collect bees in an enclosed environment and leave sugar and water on a plate then watch what happens. Bees in a sense never get tired, they work all day. At the end of the day, we as Black men may sometimes feel hopeless and say, “well it doesnt matter what I do” or “Trump doesnt care about my opinion” but let us remember that this country was never made for us. The purpose of us working to support ourselves and our families is to build for the generation after us. Applying the worker mentality as a Wasp is just a simple brain trick when the hand of systematic oppression may begin to weigh on you. Let us build for our grandma, auntie, cousins down south and siblings who need to see us grind.  Trust and believe someone is counting on YOU to do YOUR part and to play YOUR role. I am a hopeless Black community romantic (Yes I did just say that LOL)  and I believe that on the day when we all come together to colonize with one another, we will heal each other and rejoyce in the fruits of our labor. In case you’re wondering whats the point of all this; just remember that we all have a role to play. “Worker bees” find the wasp in you. Enjoy life and the everyday journey…  ]]>

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