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Black Men Trying the Vegan Thing: Q & A w/ Heavy Crownz

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My healthy food journey has been an interesting one to say the least, from quarter juices growing up to 50 cents honey buns and chips with cheese after school. Man, if I’m being honest, my eating habits up to about 23 years old were terrible and I only ate semi-healthy because of my involvement in sports. But lately, after seriously considering and trying the vegan thing, I realized…MAN, I have been missing out. Of course, I am not perfect at the practice just yet. I still have occasional cravings for meat and dairy products. The times I feel like giving up are the times I seek more information, I recently ran into an old friend who has been practicing the lifestyle for the past 2 months. Today we interview brother Heavy Crownz, a Chicago teacher, basketball coach and rapper who just recently killed the recent freestyle session at Kanye West’s community nonprofit for the arts, Donda’s House. Today we want to discuss his new vegetarian journey and get a fresh perspective on what it’s like to really go vegan. IMG_0258.JPG #WBB -Bro how has the change in your diet positively impacted your music? HeavyCrownzThe change of my diet has given me tunnel vision as it pertains to my music, it’s allowed me to have a clearer mind, and more energy to work . Moreover it also has given me more energy to give full effort to my highschool basketball team. #WBB- As a teacher and a basketball coach, do you see the negative effects of the lack of quality nutrition within our youth? HeavyCrownz –Yeah, I do. Many kids are often fatigued very early on in sports activities and lack focus in the classrooms. They have high sugar intakes and very rarely drink water or eat any fruits that help with hydration . The majority of all their snacks and meals are processed. IMG_0114.JPG #WBB –What do you see your students consume the most? HeavyCrownz – Junk food, hot flamings , candy, and quarter juices; really anything processed that you can find at your local gas station. #WBB- We all have seen the movie ‘What the Health” by now; Why do you feel that many African Americans are taking so long to make the transition? HeavyCrownz –When you say “all” are you referring to working class millennials with a Netflix account? I feel like many Blacks are just reluctant to put the beef down and if you aren’t prepared for the transition then you won’t succeed. Many people don’t know creative ways to eat healthy so they’re easily discouraged with the thought of a completely plant-based eating lifestyle. IMG_0243.JPG #WBB- In Chicago, you’re best known as @HeavyCrownz the 63rd representer, growing up, were you this health conscious about your food choices in the neighborhood? HeavyCrownz –Naw I wasn’t but there weren’t many resources to serve a conscious eater. Growing up in poverty stricken areas, they’re aren’t many grocery stores or farmers markets. So growing up, I found myself eating a diet of quick to cool, processed foods. #WBB- So now that you have been practicing the vegan lifestyle for close to 2 months, are you noticing an extra push in your work ethic, as you prepare to release ‘The World is Up 2’ EP? HeavyCrownz –Yes, I do, I have a stronger focus and clarity on creative direction. I have more drive and my preparation in regards to productivity has risen noticeably. From here on out fatigue will not be my biggest obstacle

Gerald Jackson @gstaxxs103 Heavy Crownz @HeavyCrownz


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