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Black Millennial Entrepreneur Seeking To Break Bank, Earn $1 Million In 50 Days!

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This black business owner illustrates the power of having a platform and turning it into a profit! B.Simone has announced that she has until her 30th birthday, April 5, 2020, to reach her goal of 1 million dollars through company sales. As of now, she has 29 days left! 

Beauty guru, stand up comedian, social media influencer, hairstylist, Wild N Out Cast member, sister, cousin, brand ambassador and friend – this entrepreneur understands the value of multiple streams of income and generational wealth. “Everyone who knows me, knows I want to be a millionaire by the time that I’m 30! I have 50 days to be a millionaire and I am $250,000 away,” said B.Simone.

God trusted her with knowledge, wisdom, and the power to create wealth, because of her kind heart and willingness to learn. Her transparency on her Instagram and reality tv show, Baby Girl TV on YouTube, allows people to meet her virtually and have a hilarious and relatable connection. But this powerhouse entertainer illustrates the power of being strategic, business oriented, and utilizing a team. She hires a team of young African Americans who believe in her brand! Talk about black business to enhance the culture!

She has set a goal to document her journey of earning $5,000/per day, for the next 50 days! IG: @thebsimone

In addition, she is currently on 2 comedy tours with the legendary comedian, Martin Lawrence and his Lit AF Tour and Nene Leakes’ Ladies Night Out Tour! B.Simone is a legend among legends! B.Simone has support with over 1 million views of her Road to Millions video on Instagram, and as of March 7, 2020 , she has 29 days left to complete her goal of becoming a millionaire! 

The power of being yourself and receiving love and support from those who care about you, is what sets this media entrepreneur apart from the rest. She showcases her process, goals, strategy, and mindset with people because she genuinely wants to see people win, including herself.  Can she do it? So far her journey documents her earning $10,000 by 11am one day, and $14,000 by 5pm the next day! Talk about grind mode and using 50 different hustles to reach her goal in 50 days!

Her new vegan-friendly cosmetic line, B.Simone Beauty, has creative lip glosses and lip liners. She also sells clothing from her B.Simone closet, t-shirts with her funny slogans, and empowerment workshops! She has what you need, in a relatable style. This is the new inspirational face for Black comedians, Black women entrepreneurs setting high and achievable goals, pushing yourself to the limit, and sharing the seats at the table so that everyone on your team can eat! 

She leads her team with laughter, kindness, vulnerability, and the strength to fulfill her dreams unapologetically. If you think she can reach this goal, this is how you can support her business by April 5th:

Support this black owned beauty company, comedy tours, and entrepreneur powerhouse by purchasing products from www.bsimonebeauty.com , following her Instagram @thebsimone, liking her posts and sharing them on your page, and going to see her on tour and purchasing clothing apparel when you get there!

Tickets to see her on tour:

LIT AF Tour with Martin Lawrence https://www.ticketmaster.com/martin-lawrence-tickets/artist/770077 and 

Nene Leaks, Ladies Night Out Tour  https://www.vividseats.com/concerts/ladies-night-out-tickets.html

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