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Black-Owned Black Dolls

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If you’re planning to make a purchase for the little ones in your life this holiday season, dolls are most likely on the list. Before you head out to WalMart or Target consider purchasing one of these Black-owned doll options that helps build a positive self image and keeps Black dollars in the Black community.

Pretty Brown Girl

Pretty Brown Girl Doll | HowWeBuyBlack.comSheri Crawley created the Pretty Brown Girl doll after a disheartening experience with her own daughter. The company says their signature doll, “Laila”, “gives the gift of self love and self esteem.”            

Naturally Perfect Dolls

Naturally Perfect Dolls | HowWeBuyBlack.comThese dolls were also created by a Black mother who wanted to take her child’s self esteem into her own hands. These dolls come in four shades and different hair colors, and best of all, their natural textured hair can be washed and styled.        

Izuki Dolls

Ikuzi Dolls | HowWeBuyBlack.comOzi Okaro created this diverse doll line because she wanted to give her daughters dolls that reflected their different skin tones. These dolls come in three shades and wear unique, African print dresses.            

Kelasi Collection Dolls

Kelasi Collection Dolls | HowWeBuyBlack.comThese cloth dolls were crafted with the intention to teach children unapologetic self-love.            


Ishababies | HowWeBuyBlack.comIshababies are cleverly named after their creator, pediatrician Dr. Aisha Bailey, and are lead-free, with a 100% cotton exterior and poly soft filling.               h/t MaterMea]]>

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We Buy Black Staff
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