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Black-owned Blockchain Giving Away $20,000 in Prizes

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BlackChain, a Black-founded and owned digital currency, is giving away over $20,000 worth of prizes – including $1,000 in cryptocurrency. These prizes include merchandise, 100 t-shirts, credit restoration, tax services, and other services that benefit our community. BlackChain and sponsors of the giveaway are awarding these prizes to 100 winners. 

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BlackChain is one of the few digital currencies making a social impact. In simple terms, cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured by cryptography. This makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Founder Jordan Harold opened BlackChain tokens for private sale in 2021 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Black Wall Street fuels Harold’s vision of Black people reclaiming our socioeconomic power. After all, we’re the second largest consumer group in the U.S. Each year, we spend about 1.2 trillion. What could we achieve if we kept that money in the community?

Harold embeds the message of “rebuilding Black Wall Street” throughout BlackChain’s branding. You can see it in the token’s design. Harold also promises to give 10% of every purchase to disenfranchised communities globally.

So how does it all work?

The BlackChain Network powers the BlackChain token. “The BlackChain Network is a company engaged in unique technology solutions that innovates the way we do community,” says Harold.

BlackChain is fueled by the purpose of bringing a community of people together to build wealth and make true effective change in underprivileged communities across the globe. BlackChain is one of the first blockchain solution companies to make industrial tokenization (mass adoption) and decentralized finance the focus of service for companies, organizations, and communities.

For Harold, BlackChain is an extension of the work he does in his own community in West Palm Beach, FL. He regularly participates in food drives and other initiatives that give back.

The BlackChain Network has built a community full of professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners. It provides resources to educate and build up society.

“BlackChain seeks to create wealth, but also give back and rebuild a community in dire need of organization and elevation. I believe that closing the wealth gap in America is the way to create real and effective change in this country,” Harold said.

BlackChain tokens are multi-use, which means people can use them for multiple transactions. The multi-use tokens are helpful for BlackChain’s missions because nonprofits, small businesses, and organizations can all use them. The BlackChain Network is building its own open source blockchain with the purpose of service, growth, and economic empowerment for all who contribute and build on the Chain.

Opt-in to win $20,000 now!

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