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Black Owned Business Helps Terminally Ill People Access Quality Eyewear

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What happens if you have a terminal illness but you also need eyeglasses? For millions of people, huge gaps in health coverage translates to a life of poor or fading vision. A Black owned company is helping to bridge that gap and in doing so, making sure those most in need get the prescription glasses they need, with a fashionable edge that most only dream of. The company is “3rdEyeView” and whether you’re looking to upgrade your eyewear for fashion’s sake or to preserve your vision when insurance coverage leaves you hanging, you’ll want to know about this company.

The frames that 3rdEyeView produces are anything but ordinary — these are not gas station glasses. Their designs are unique, comfortable, lightweight and completely original. The company uses biodegradable materials, as well as stainless steel metal and plastics, depending on consumer preference. Not only do they look great, 3rdEyeView frames absolutely create good vibes when you put them on. At first glance one wouldn’t think a fashion-first eyewear company would be featured in a discussion about low income, underinsured people. But 3rdEyeView is a very different company, motivated by a founder whose journey has created a sincere heart for those who suffer with vision problems.

Christyn Breckenridge is a native of Memphis who, after leaving Tennessee State University, worked in real estate for over seven years. After abruptly being laid off, she wasn’t quite sure what her next move would be. One thing was clear, however — she loved high end glasses and she routinely lost them. A friend suggested that she begin making her own, just so that she’d always have more available when she inevitably lost them. Christyn decided to try it and she began doing quite well with the business. In fact, local boutiques in Houston like Kele’s Kloset and Social Graces Clubhouse began stocking her product and trays of glasses were flying off the shelves! It was when Christyn’s father was diagnosed with glaucoma and began to struggle with his vision, however, that Christyn realized how critical eye care is and how out of reach it is for some.

Christyn was hosting a popup shop at the popular Houston eatery, The Breakfast Klub, when a Director of a large nonprofit happened to walk in. The organization is St. Hope Foundation and the Director was absolutely amazed by Christyn’s products. St. Hope offers vision services to many of their low income clients and especially those with terminal illnesses. The problem? Most of the glasses available — if available at all — for them were not of the best quality. The Director set up a meeting between Christyn and the CEO of the organization and the rest is history. Today 3rdEyeView partners with St. Hope to help families all over the Houston area access the eyeglasses they so desperately need and of course, do so in high fashion. Check out 3rdEyeView for high end eyewear and and follow them on IG @iiirdeyeview.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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