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Black-owned Canned Goods Now Available In Stores Nationwide

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Goode Foods is a Black family-owned canned goods company founded by Emile Johnson in 2003. From a young age, Johnson always knew that he wanted to own a business that helped people, and Goode Foods is doing just that by providing convenient, nutritious food to the entire country.

Goode Foods’ mission statement, “Dedicated to Good Nutrition for Our Country”, couldn’t be more relevant today as the U.S. has some of the highest rates of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity in the world. 

 “We are in an epidemic regarding our health, especially our community,” Johnson emphasized.

Johnson and his family were inspired when former first lady Michelle Obama implemented the “Let’s Move!” initiative, which encouraged children and their families to eat more nutritious foods. Goode Foods’ canned beans and vegetables contain no sugar, are low sodium, and high in vitamins like calcium, iron, and protein. The brand is also USDA and WIC approved. 

The Goode Foods family wants customers to know that canned goods are just as healthy as fresh produce. Their products are 100% U.S. grown, canned at the source, and are just as new and crunchy as in-store produce.

Some of their canned goods, such as the pinto beans, also serve as meat substitutes. Goode Foods offers recipes that use their cans to make meatless meals like Vegan Jamaican Patties and Pinto Beans Sloppy Joes.

Goode Foods is now available in Walmart and Kroger in 13 states, including Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

Shop Goode Foods’ wide selection of canned goods in store or online today!

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