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Set Off Your Game Night With Never Say Never®

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Say goodbye to boring, predictable game nights with Never Say Never® — the
uproarious, new, Black-owned card deck that everyone can enjoy.

Never Say Never® is billed as a hilarious party game of horrible hypotheticals. The question-based card game challenges players to ask each other crazy ridiculous hypothetical questions. Points are earned for the questioner if the other players would never participate in the crazy scenario asked, and if players would do what the hypotheticals suggest, then whomever has the best reasoning for why they would do it, wins the round.

Never Say Never® creator Prince Chijioke

The game is the brainchild of Prince Chijioke, a Dallas-based Howard grad with professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The lifetime game lover said that although he followed the straight-laced path all the way through to pharmacy school, he always felt the call of entrepreneurship.

It wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 that Chijioke decided to go ahead and launch his idea for a fun, adult party game with massive appeal.

“I’ve always had a creative mind, but I’ve been focused on education,” he said. “I had the idea to create a game came before COVID, but this specific idea came while I had downtime in early spring.”

Determined to make his dream happen, Chijioke ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and drew interest and orders from game-lovers as far away as Australia and Denmark.

Unlike many other adult party games on the market, Never Say Never® is uniquely wild and irreverent without being grossly inappropriate. Chijioke says that while the game is for adults, the cards don’t include any profanity or overtly explicit subjects. Younger players may not understand some of the references, but there won’t be any big, embarrassing moments if you do decide to play with someone younger than 18.

In fact, Chijioke says Never Say Never® is also a good choice for virtual gatherings with colleagues, and all the different types of friends you may have.

“I tried to make the pop culture references very broad, he said. “It’s a Black-owned game that anybody can play. You can play with your asian friends, your white friends, and your Black friends.”

Purchase Never Say Never® here.

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