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Try These Addictive Salt-Free Hot Sauces From Lost In The Sauce

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Don’t open another bottle of that same, old conventional hot sauce before you try these amazingly flavorful, salt-free sauces from Lost In The Sauce

The star of the Lost In The Sauce lineup is their best-selling Peri-Peri Chili Sauce. Featuring a unique blend of herbs and spices like cardamom, oregano, basil, parsley, cinnamon and thyme, Peri-Peri Chili Sauce is a medium spiced sauce that can be used as a marinade as well as on top of cooked dishes. 

For owner Jamar Saunders, making sauce is a passion he discovered while on a quest to eat healthier. Back in 2016, the Marine Corps vet got the idea to make his own barbeque sauce after wandering around the grocery store, frustrated that he was unable to find any barbeque sauce without sugar listed in its ingredients. When he couldn’t find what he needed, he decided to go home and try his hand at whipping up his own sauce. 

“After I bottled my first batch, I stored it in the fridge at work for my lunch. A co-worker tried it and said it was the best sauce they ever had. And so, it started from there.” 

In addition to Peri-Peri, Lost In The Sauce has three other sauces that range from hell-like heat (Island Fire) to mild and sweet (Mango Pineapple). 

A commitment to health is an element that Saunders maintains with Lost In The Sauce, even as the number of sauces they offer expands. Saunders takes care to research all of his ingredients to let the natural properties of each element shine. You won’t find sugar or salt in any of Lost In The Sauce’s blends and Saunders says that thanks to the bold, natural flavor of his sauces, you don’t need either ingredient. 

“We don’t use any salt in our sauces. I don’t believe salt is a seasoning. The highest sodium is 20 mg per serving coming from the preserved pepper. None of our sauces overpower your food. They add a depth of flavor and enhance your food.”

Saunders runs the company with a few of his friends, Kareem, Darren, and Malcolm. Together the four have bootstrapped Lost In The Sauce from selling just a few bottles to family and friends, to a local favorite and a staple at farmer’s markets and restaurants. Their goal is to continue scaling up so they can sell to larger retailers. 

Try Lost In The Sauce today.

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