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Black-Owned Meditation Apps to Help You Develop Mindfulness

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Meditation apps have become more popular as more of us are beginning to prioritize our wellness needs. For a long time mindfulness apps, practices, and resources have been associated with predominantly white audiences, without mention or consideration of Black audiences. If you’re ready to take charge of your mental health, check out these Black mediation and wellness apps first. 

Liberate: Black Mediation App

Liberate is not only just a meditation app, but it is a safe space for the Black community to get in the habit of participating in daily meditation. Creator of Liberate, Julio Rivera produced this app after discovering meditation as an outlet at the peak of his career. This mediation journey aims to support the realities of being Black in the modern day aided by a carefully-curated library filled with over 260 topics. Each topic is led by a Black teacher who represents a wide range of experiences and heritage in their practice. Liberate serves as a safe space for those who would like to master the meditation practice and explore a new intention. 


Shine provides an easy introduction to the idea of meditation as it serves as a guide to mindfulness for your everyday life. Lifting your spirits, worrying less, and sleeping soundly is what Shine is all about. This app makes it easier to understand breathing techniques, how to follow your breath, and the variety of ways to meditate. It even introduces you to mindfulness with an array of guided meditations and videos to help you cope in order to bring balance to your everyday life.


In order to cope with the recent occurrences of racial injustice, Katara McCarty created Exhale. Exhale is an emotional well-being app designed for all women of color. This app provides time to exhale by releasing everything that is no longer serving you and replacing it with what the app calls “soul medicine.” Soul medicine refers to medicine for the depths of your soul which include: positive energy, healing, and love. Exhale is a place that you can visit as often as you like to find refuge and healing.

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