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The Next Generation of Menstrual Products Are Here and They’re Black-Owned

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The next revolution in menstrual care products is here and it’s being led by a Black-owned company.

Meet Reign Sanitary Napkins: revolutionary period pads that not only help keep women comfortable and dry during their periods but also helps with overall menstrual health and wellness. 

The company launched in 2019 and in just two years, Reign has earned over 7 million dollars in sales and made lifelong fans of nearly 250,000 women. 

What sets Reign pads apart from your average drugstore brand is a proprietary material called graphene. Each pad is infused with a strip of the Nobel Prize-winning material. Graphene is a substance derived from carbon and has amazing properties that make Reign’s pads five times more absorbent and helps keep odors at bay. But the real magic lies in the pads’ ability to reduce inflammation and cramps, balance the body’s pH, as well as boosting metabolism and immune system. 

“I am amazed at how well your products work. I always had dry heaving nausea, pain that paralyzed me, and tenderness with cramping and bleeding. I’m on day 3, usually my worst day and nothing. No discomfort or pain. I’m shocked! Thank you for your products.”

Customer testimonial from Elizabeth Foggie

The company is based in McDonogh, Georgia just outside of Atlanta, and ships nationwide. Reign Sanitary Napkins also offers a convenient subscription service option, eliminating the need for late-night store runs or running out of menstrual products. 

Believe it or not, the brains behind the fast-growing, woman-centered company is a Black man. Husband and father Demond Crump is a lifelong entrepreneur who launched the company after learning about the amazing properties of Graphene and realizing that this product could improve the lives of his wife, daughters, and other women like them. 

“We’re a Black-owned company disrupting an industry that’s been untouched by African-Americans since its existence,” Crump said. “Were the Rolls Royce of sanitary napkins and panty liners.”

Crump intends to keep growing and dominate the menstrual product industry. Now that he’s mastered traditional and online sales, Crump has plans to roll out vending machines stocked with Reign pads in airports, malls, and college campuses all over the U.S. 

Shop Reign Sanitary Napkins today.

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