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Black Owned Oral Care Companies

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Your mouth is everything. Out of it comes pearls of wisdom or, possibly, bacteria and bad breath. Good oral hygiene is essential to good health and it’s time to take it seriously. Here are several Black owned companies that will help keep your oral health on point.

Coral Oral toothbrushes are not only more aesthetically pleasing, each brush is differentiated by its pattern and not by its color. Coral Oral is youth ran, Black owned and features interesting oral health facts, including a Black history fact that we all should know. Coral Oral toothbrushes come in soft and medium, for your brushing comfort. Click here to shop.

Garner’s Garden offers a full line of oral care products for the entire family. Their all natural mouthwash is fluoride free and assists in healing a variety of dental issues such as cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, etc. It’s antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and it whitens teeth naturally. In addition, Garner’s Garden offers a tooth powder to accompany their mouthwash, which is an oral deodorizer and whitens teeth. Garner’s Garden offers a dynamic oxy pulling product, along with a suite of kids oral products. Click here to shop.

The Twiggy Fresh Bamboo Toothbrush company is on a mission to reduce plastic waste and keep our planet cleaner, for the next generation. Bamboo is a renewable resource and the fastest growing plant: bamboo is also antimicrobial. Their toothbrush handle is made from 100% bamboo, with bristles that are made of high-quality nylon and BPA Free. Twiggy Fresh has toothbrushes– and subscription options– for adults and kids. Twiggy Fresh Bamboo Toothbrushes allow you to maintain both a bright smile and cleaner planet. Click here to shop.

Go Natural! offers a natural peppermint toothpaste that helps you protect your teeth while halting and curing tooth decay. The minty fresh taste comes from peppermint and spearmint essential oils with a touch of natural stevia leaf powder. Aluminum-free baking soda, Himalayan salt, bentonite clay, and ground sage detoxify and purify your mouth with the added benefit of oil pulling. Click here to shop.

Ivyees offers a natural toothpaste unlike any other. The main ingredient is Miswak, a teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora tree. The bark contains an antibiotic which suppresses the growth of bacteria and the formulation of plaque. Research shows it significantly reduces plaque, gingivitis, and growth of cariogenic bacteria. It naturally strengthens and protects the enamel with resins and mild abrasives for whiter teeth. This toothpaste is fluoride free, anti-bacterial, vegan, contains no sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances or colors. Click here to shop.

Neter Gold offers its #smile toothpaste. This toothpaste is designed to help eliminate toxins from your mouth in a more natural and sustainable way, when compared to traditional toothpastes found in your local market. The ingredients in #smile do a wonderful job of removing stains while also killing bacteria that causes bad breath. By having a coconut oil base, this toothpaste can also be used for oil pulling, to help penetrate deep and draw out toxins. Combine #smile toothpaste with Neter Gold’s mouthwash and toothbrush for a complete oral care treatment. Click here to shop.

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D'Juan Hopewell
D'Juan Hopewell
I care about Black Power. Period. Currently working on creating jobs and funding new startups on the South Side of Chicago and writing here and there at HopewellThought.com. Follow me @HopewellThought.
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