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#Day1 – FREDDIE FIGGERS, Owner of Largest Black Telecom Provider, Offers #SwitchBlack- 1st Month Free

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Figgers Communication

#WeBuyBlack28 — Day 1

Your cell phone is now obsolete. The iPhone X delivers a 50% charge in 30 minutes while Figgers Communication manufactures a phone capable of 80% in just 12 minutes. Your wireless carrier still relies solely on infamously unreliable cell towers while Figgers Communication uses 16 geostationary satellites at a Low Earth Orbit to transmit data faster and farther than your towers can. Figgers Communication is committed to innovation —  and they are also Black owned. Figgers is now my wireless carrier; now let me explain why it should be yours, too.

The Story Behind The Man

The quality of a company is a direct reflection of its people. Figgers Communication is a solid company because it was birthed by a solid man. After Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, Freddie Figgers quickly donated 500 satellite phones and SIM cards with unlimited calls, texts and data to survivors. Figgers could relate to them — he was abandoned at birth by his biological mother. His adopted father suffered from dementia, also. But pain is what pushed Figgers’ genius. His father often forgot to put on his pants but always remembered his shoes. In response, Freddie cleverly invented a shoe with GPS tracking, capable of two-way communication. That imagination and grit is what distinguishes Figgers — the man and the company.

A Better Wireless Experience

Figgers Communication is simply not average. After Hurricane Irma crippled Florida this past September, only Figgers and Verizon customers still had cell service, according to COO Germaine Bebe. Those 16 satellites work, even in the midst of hurricanes. The company employs a “network test drive team” to monitor all cell traffic and satellite repetition 24 hours a day, across the United States. Figgers takes reliability very seriously. Their network covers over 99% of the country and over 80 countries internationally. They’ve got you covered, with 4G speeds and boundless innovation.

Your security is a top priority for Figgers Communication. Clients from government, healthcare and higher education already trust them to keep their data secure. If Figgers can protect big organizations, I’m confident that they’ve got me and you covered also. The company actively combats malware, roots out suspicious traffic on its networks and works overtime to ensure every call and text is secure and private, as it should be.

Freddie Fingers currently holds 4 utility and 2 design patents in telecommunications. And It shows — his company is distinct in that it manufactures its own phones. The Figgers F2 handset has a built-in wireless blood glucose meter (Watch Video Below). After checking your blood sugar, it shares results with your relatives, insurance carrier and doctor. It also has an original technology which can — when activated — prevent texting and driving. It detects motion over 10 mph and puts SMS and data into airplane mode. While the iPhone X offers a 12 megapixel camera, the F2 captures your memories with 13 megapixels.

Why I Switched To Figgers Communication

I’ve been a Sprint customer for at least ten years. Switching was not a difficult decision. I was tired of not being able to use my data while talking. I was also sick of having my data slowed down at the end of the month. Verizon customers also know a thing or two about having their data speeds reduced. Figgers offered me straightforward service at straightforward prices. I chose the $50 monthly plan which guarantees me unlimited talk, text and data that won’t be slowed down. Ever. That isn’t $50 before a bunch of random fees or as a teaser rate — it’s actually $50 a month.

Here’s Why You Should Switch To Figgers

Now is the perfect time to switch. To celebrate Black History Month the company is offering a #SwitchBlack promotion to give new customers their first month free! Port over your current phone now and preorder the new F2 phone (due at the end of February), like I did. Each time you text a friend you’ll be supporting a company committed to innovation and pushing the limits. You’ll also be supporting a company that employs Black attorneys and accountants. You can now choose a company that will deliver excellent cellular service and give aid to survivors after a hurricane. Figgers Communication is a lot of things but most importantly, my wireless company. Now it’s your turn.

Visit https://www.figgers.com or call 1-800-223-5435 to get connected TODAY!

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