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Dream and Manifest With These Black-Owned Luxury Watches

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Upgrade your look and get inspired to achieve greatness with Dream and Manifest Watches’ line of luxury timepieces. 

Each watch from Dream and Manifest is crafted to make you feel like a million dollars. Owner and watch-lover Dani Angelique is betting that if you feel prosperous while wearing one of her beautiful watches, then you might just dream a little bigger, reach a little higher, and finally go after the things that your heart desires. 

“Before starting the brand, I was in a space where I thought that it was too late for me for a lot of things,” Angelique said. “Now, I want to encourage everyday people to go after all of their dreams and to know that with work ethic they can manifest the life they desire.”

The Philadelphia-based lifestyle brand boasts a small but mighty boutique collection of 7 watch designs that range from minimal and feminine to highly detailed and masculine. Angelique says the range in her designs reflects her desire to be attractive to all walks of people. 

“This brand is about more than just watches, so I want my message to reach as many people as possible,” she said. 

Bestsellers include The Chadwick, a black, silver, and gold creation that pay homage to the late Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman, and the Angelique signature women’s watch which features a white face with rose gold detailing. 

DAM founder Dani Angelique

All Dream and Manifest Watches bear the company logo which is composed of the brand’s initials: D.A.M. This logo not only represents the brand, but is a reminder to the wearer that dreams are necessary and that time is our only luxury. 

If you love the style over at Dream and Manifest Watches, then stay connected to the brand because Angelique says she is just getting started. The 27-year-old has plans to expand into other areas. 

“I’m learning a lot about me and what I’m capable of doing. Watches are just an appetizer. I’m going to be expanding into other business realms.”

Shop Dream and Manifest Watches here. 

Connect with the brand on Instagram to keep up with deals and sales.

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